Schlossmacher Lab

Lab Members

Current Members

Earl Brown, PhD
[Professor Emeritus]. Dr. Brown is a virologist and semi-retired Professor, who works with the Schlossmacher team since 2013. His expertise in virology and immune function and his experimental models to test virus-host interactions are critical to our study of the role of Parkinson-linked genes in host defenses.
Julianna J. Tomlinson, PhD
[Sr. Research Associate]. Dr. Tomlinson has a background in biochemistry and molecular biology. Since 2012, she has been involved in project development and co-leads the research activities of the lab. Her own scientific focus is to develop mouse models of autosomal dominant PD-linked genes with the long-term goal of better modeling PD as a complex disease. She received a Parkinson Society Canada Basic Research Fellowship (2008-2010) and has been supported by their Pilot Project Grant (2010-2011). She was a co-investigator on a MJF Foundation funded grant on LRRK2 (2010-2012) and served as Principal Investigator on grants obtained from the Weston Brain Institute (2014-2016).
Qiubo Jiang, PhD
[Sr. Research Associate]. Dr. Jiang has a strong background in electrophysiology, animal studies, molecular biology and characterization of recombinant proteins. She is involved in several ongoing research projects as well as being the lab manager since 2012.
Bojan Shutinoski, PhD
[Research Associate]. Dr. Shutinoski joined the team in 2015 as a postdoctoral fellow and brought with him expertise in molecular immunology and host responses. Bojan is focused on understanding the role of LRRK2 in the immune system and how this informs the development of PD. He is the current recipient of the “Crabtree Foundation Award” from the Parkinson Research Consortium (2016-2017).
Jacqueline M. Tokarew, MSc
[M.D./Ph.D. Candidate]. Thesis: Biochemistry of Parkin’s redox function; 2013-2017; Ms. Tokarew has been supported by: a QEII Scholarship (2013-2014); Audrey Grant Parkinson’s Research Fellowship from the Parkinson Research Consortium (2015-2016); and a CIHR MD/PhD Program Grant (2014-2016)
Daniel N. El Kodsi, BSc
[Ph.D. Candidate]. Thesis: Role of Parkin as an anti-oxidant; 2013 – ongoing; Mr. El Kodsi transferred to the Ph.D. Program in the fall of 2014). Daniel has been recognized with the Leadership Award in Graduate Studies by the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine (Dec 2016); the Gerry Taichman award for best poster achievement by a graduate Ph.D. student in Neuroscience (2016); the Best Poster Neuroscience Award at the Faculty of Medicine’s CMM/NSC Research Day (2016); and was voted by his peers as the Program in Neuroscience ‘Most Valuable Player’ in 2016. He is the current recipient of the "Audrey Grant Parkinson's Research Fellowship" from the Parkinson Research Consortium (2017-2018).
Christopher Rousso, BSc
[M.Sc. Candidate]. Thesis: Characterization of alpha-synuclein as an anti-microbial protein; 2017- ongoing.
Michaela Lunn, Bsc
[M.Sc. Candidate]. Thesis: Role of LRRK2 kinase activity in its innate immune function; 2017 - ongoing. Michaela is jointly supervised by Dr. Shawn Hayley at Carleton University.
Angela P. Nguyen, MSc
[Research Technician]. Ms. Nguyen joined the lab in 2015 with a background in stroke research that includes expertise in molecular neuroscience, animal models and histological studies. In addition to managing the animal colonies, she assists with all projects that relate to our mouse models including the analysis of experimental outcomes. 
Nathalie A. Lengacher, BSc
[Research Technician]. Ms. Lengacher joined our team in 2016 and has applied her experience from an industry laboratory (Pfizer) to optimizing existing- and creating new ELISA-based technical platforms to quantify alpha-synuclein and other PD-linked proteins.   

Past lab members

Recent Graduates and Lab Members:
Mansoureh Hakimi, Ph.D. – Thesis: Exploring the role of Parkinson’s-linked leucine-rich repeat kinase-2 in the immune system. 2009-2017.

Megan Fitzpatrick, M.Sc. – Co-supervised by Dr. Diane Lagace. Thesis: Motor deficits in an alpha-synuclein mouse model of Parkinson’s disease are not exacerbated by Gba1 mutation. 2014-2016; Graduated in 2016. Ms. Fitzpatrick was recognized with the Excellence in Graduate Studies, MSc Neuroscience Award from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine in 2016.

Chantal Jagow, M.Sc. – Thesis: Quantification of a-synuclein in a new Parkinson’s disease model. 2014-2015. Ms. Jagow graduated with her M.Sc. from the University TU Darmstadt (Germany, EU) in 2015. All laboratory work for her thesis was carried out in our lab.

Hei S. (Mabel) Ao, M.Sc. – Co-supervised by Dr. Paul Albert. Thesis: Investigation of cis- and trans-acting transcriptional elements and signaling pathways that regulate the expression of Parkin. 2009-2014.

Priyanka Singh, M.Sc. – Co-supervised by Dr. Steffany Bennett. Thesis: The Role of Neutral Sphingolipids in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies. 2010-2012. Graduated in 2012.

Undergraduate Fourth Year Honour’s Students:
Jasmine Khan, B.Sc. (2017-2018)
Quinton Hake-Volling (2017-2018)
Irene Harmsen, B.Sc. (2014-2015)
Emma Grigor, B.Sc. (2013-2014)
Adel Farah, B.Sc. (2009-2010)
Erika Swinton, B.Sc. (2008-2009)

Former lab members include (in alphabetical order): Heather Boston, M.Sc.; Carolina Cieniak, Ph.D.; Hoda Chams El Dine; Dina Elleithy, B.Sc.; Kelsey Grimes; Tohru Kitada, M.D., Ph.D; Peter Kolodziej, B.Sc.; Paul Manninger, B.Sc.; Fanyi Meng, M.D.; Juliana Ng, B.Sc.; Saba Samet, B.Sc.; Nour Yahfoufi, PharmD., M. Med. Sc.; Yi-Yuan Zhou, M.D., M.Sc.