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Swapnil Hiremath, MD, MPH, FASN
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1. Funding Agency: The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medical Organization
Amount: C$99,998
Title: Assessment of Effectiveness of Counselling by a Registered Dietician on Low Salt Diet in Patientswith Hypertension: A Pragmatic Clinical Trial
Role: Co-Principal Investigator [PI: Marcel Ruzicka, Ottawa]

2. Funding Agency: Kidney Foundation of Canada
Amount: C$ 100,000
Title: Antimicrobial pharmacokinetics in critically ill adults during sustained low efficiency dialysis
Role: Co-Investogator [PI: Salmaan Kanji]

3. Funding Agency: University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Amount: C$ 50,000
Title: `E-health Interventions to Improve Vascular Health in Workplaces: Foundational Research ExaminingPhysical Activity Among Nurses Working in Hospitals
Role: Co-Investigator [PI: Bob Reid]

4.Funding Agency: Canadian Institute of Health Research
Amount: C$ 152, 879
Title: Reducing the Risk of serious adverse events and improving quality of life for patients with kidney disease: the role of arteriovenous fistula creation in dialysis
Role: Co-Investigator [Principal Investigator: Rob Quinn, Calgary]

5. Funding Agency: Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa (internal funding, competitive, peer reviewed)
Amount: C$114,775
Title: The Prevention of Acute Kidney Injury after Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography: A Pilot trial of Oral Fluid versus Intravenous Saline
Role: Principal Investigator