Kumanan Wilson, MD, FRCPC, MSc


Senior Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, cross-appointed to the Department of Epidemiology & Community Medicine, University of Ottawa

Attending Physician, Division of General Internal Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital

Adjunct Scientist, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES@uOttawa)

Chair in Public Health Policy, The Ottawa Hospital, Department of Medicine and Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Dr. Kumanan Wilson is a specialist in General Internal Medicine at the Ottawa Hospital -Civic Campus and research scientist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Dr. Wilson received his MD from the University of Western Ontario and completed his fellowship training in General Internal Medicine at McMaster University. He received his MSc. in Health Research Methods from McMaster University. Dr. Wilson’s work centers on public health policy and vaccine safety.


As the Chair in Public Health Policy, Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on studying policy making in areas of health protection and public health security. His work has included analyses of decision-making in the Canadian blood system after the Krever Commission, the evolution of controversies concerning pediatric vaccination, pandemic planning, and the role of federalism in the development of public health policies.

Dr. Wilson’s current research focuses on the safety of pediatric vaccination. He developed VISION (Vaccine and Immunization Surveillance in Ontario) – an analytical infrastructure for conducting studies of vaccine safety using Ontario’s health administrative data.  Dr. Wilson is also examining the impact of new forms of media on dissemination of public health information. He co-developed an iPhone application that helps Ontario parents track their child’s immunizations, reminds them of upcoming immunizations and notifies them of vaccine-preventable outbreaks as they occur.

Selected Publications

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