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Facilities & Equipment


OHRI Facilities and Equipment
Items tagged as Microscope, Inverted
Leica DM IRB Inverted Microscope MD (General, TOHCC-3rd floor, 3.314)
Nikon C1+ (Civic, Loeb- S Level, S016)
Nikon TE2000E (General, TOHCC- 4th Floor, C4417)
Nikon Te2000e (Biomed #91402) (General, CCW- 6th Floor, W6162)
Olympus IX70 Microscope (Biomed # 81789, 81674 and 81673) (General, CCW- 3rd floor, W3138)
Zeiss Axiovert 200m (General, TOHCC- 4th Floor, C4341)
Zeiss Axiovert 200M cell imaging (General, TOHCC-3rd floor, 3.304)
Zeiss Axiovert S100 (Microscope #3) (General, TOHCC- 4th Floor, C4410)
Zeiss LSM510 (General, CCW- 5th floor, W5164)
Zeiss Observer Z1 (General, CCW- 5th Floor, W5255)

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