Ottawa Methods Center (OMC)


The Ottawa Methods Centre (OMC) thanks it's long-standing supporters, the Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery, and Department of Otolaryngology for the many opportunities to collaborate. Additionally, the OMC works closely with the following groups:

Acknowledging OMC Support

The Ottawa Methods Centre (OMC) is an integral and essential part of The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, enhancing the productivity and collaboration between scientists, their staff, and students among diverse research programs. As such, we would like to encourage you to acknowledge the OMC in your publications. By acknowledging the use of the OMC, you are fostering the success and growth of our services. Acknowledgements help OMC demonstrate our value to the research community at TOH/OHRI and contribute to securing funding for continued business operations.

Acknowledgment Statement

Below are examples of acknowledgement statements you can adapt for use in your publications.

For acknowledgements in the Acknowledgement section of a manuscript:
"We thank the Ottawa Methods Centre at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute for their contribution to this publication."

For acknowledgements in the Materials and Methods of a manuscript:
"_____________________ was/were performed by the Ottawa Methods Centre at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute."

If OMC specialists have provided significant intellectual input or special effort to your project, it may be appropriate to consider authorship. For guidelines about authorship, we encourage you to consult with OHRI's Publication Officer.