Ottawa Methods Center (OMC)

Data Management Services (DMS)

Who we are:

  • OMC's Data Management Services is a team of highly skilled web application developers, database programmers, web testers, and a dedicated data entry clerk.

What we do:

  • Design and implementation of web-based database driven applications (web-EDCS) – see it here
  • Design, validation, and implementation of regulated research trial databases
  • Design and implementation of various types of web-based randomization systems
  • Design and implementation of customized web-based eConsent – see it here
  • Design and implementation of patient-oriented web-based questionnaire – see it here
  • Design and implementation of research trial data collection forms (CRFs)
  • Development of Web-based Adjudication platforms – see it here
  • Data verification, data validation, and data entry for clinical registries, research trials
  • Design and implementation of iOS applications
  • Provide consultation for TOH REDCap projects
  • Design and implementation of TOH REDCap projects

OMC's data management team has tremendous experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining various types of studies and randomized controlled clinical trials. We have successfully managed over 150 multicenter studies, including numerous regulated FDA & Health Canada trials. OMC's web-EDCS platform is validated and fully in compliance with the FDA CFR Part 11 guidelines and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

OMC's team is fully committed to the quality of research data and privacy. The web servers and the database servers are physically and virtually protected. All registry and research trial data are stored in the secure data centre of the Ottawa Hospital (TOH) along with other Ottawa Hospital clinical data. Only authorized TOH IT personnel have access to the server physically and only DMS IT staff have access to the research database data.

In summary, we provide an end-to-end solution for all clinical research data management needs from simple, secure web based eConsent platform to portable Adjudication platforms or a more complex yet customizable and validated web based EDCS for regulated clinical trials.

Please contact us for more information, a consultation for your project, or other samples of our work.

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