Research Awards


The Ottawa Hospital and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute are committed to recognizing outstanding contributions to research. Each year, five prestigious awards are given out:

Contact for nomination forms for the first three awards (usually due in early summer). See myHospital (internal website) for nomination forms for the second two awards (usually due in winter).

Dr. Michel Chrétien Researcher of the Year Award
This award recognizes an OHRI scientist who is the senior author on a stellar publication that is backed by an excellent publication record. This award can be made at any point in a career and can be won by an individual on more than one occasion provided that separate awards recognize scientific achievements substantially different from each other. The award is named in honour of Dr. Michel Chrétien, the second CEO and Scientific Director of the Loeb Health Research Institute (which is now part of the OHRI). The award is presented each year at the Gala for Research.

2022 – Dr. Bernard Thébaud
2021 – Dr. Jeff Dilworth
2019 – Dr. Marjorie Brand
2018 – Dr. William Stanford
2017 – Dr. Xiaohui Zha
2016 – Dr. Harold Atkins
2015 – Dr. Marc Carrier
2014 – Dr. Marc Rodger
2013 – Dr. Mark Clemons
2012 – Dr. David Picketts
2011 – Dr. Shawn Aaron
2010 – Dr. Lynn A. Megeney (profile, video)
2009 – Dr X. Johné Liu
2008 – Dr. Dean Fergusson
2007 – Dr. Ruth Slack
2006 – Dr. Peter Stys
2005 – Dr. David Park
2004 – Dr. Phil Wells
2003 – Dr. Michael Rudnicki
2002 – Dr. Valerie Wallace
2001 – Dr. Paul Hébert
2000 – Dr. John Bell
1999 – Dr. D. William Cameron
1998 – Dr. Michael McBurney
1997 – Dr. Peter Tugwell
1996 – Dr. W. Bruce Jackson
1995 – Dr. Antoine M. Hakim
1994 – Dr. Herman Hugenholtz
1993 – Dr. Hyman Birnboim
1992 – Dr. David Levine
1991 – Dr. Hans Uhthoff
1990 – Dr. Roger Broughton
1989 – Dr. Terry Picton

Dr. J. David Grimes Career Achievement Award
This award recognizes an OHRI scientist's long-standing career, including both the internationally-recognized scientific achievements of the awardee and various aspects of the awardee's leadership role locally, nationally and / or internationally. The award is named in honour of Dr. J. David Grimes, founder of the Loeb Health Research Institute (which is now part of the OHRI). The award is presented each year at the Gala for Research.
2022 – Dr. Kevin Burns
2021 – Dr. Dean Fergusson
2019 – Dr. Paul Albert
2018 – Dr. Fraser Scott
2017 – Dr. Michael Schlossmacher
2016 – Dr. Duncan Stewart
2015 – Dr. David Moher
2014 – Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden
2013 – Dr. Michael Rudnicki
2012 – Dr. Philip Wells
2011 – Dr. Rashmi Kothary
2010 – Dr. John C. Bell (profile, video)
2009 – Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw
2008 – Dr. Antoine Hakim
2007 – Dr. Michael McBurney
2006 – Dr. Seymour Brownstein
2005 – Dr. Benjamin K. Tsang
2004 – Dr. Roger Broughton
2003 – Dr. David Levine
2002 – Dr. Ian Stiell
2001 – Dr. Leo Renaud
2000 – Dr. Yvonne Lefebvre
1999 – Dr. Peter Tugwell

Dr. Ronald G. Worton Researcher in Training Award
This award recognizes an OHRI student or postdoctoral fellow who has demonstrated outstanding effort in their research and is deemed highly likely to succeed in future research endeavors. This award was established in 2006 in recognition of Dr. Ronald G. Worton, the first CEO and Scientific Director of the OHRI and founder of the Ottawa General Hospital Research Institute (which is now part of the OHRI). The first recipient will be announced at the Gala for Research in the fall of 2007.

2022 – Dr. Taha Azad (honourable mention for Dr. Ronda Lun)
2021 – Dr. Meshach Asare-Werehene
2020 – David Cook
2019 – Faizan Khan (honourable mentions for Danielle Rice and Dr. Susan Rogers Van Katwyk)
2018 – Dr. Kristen Danko
2017 – Marc-Olivier Deguise
2016 – Dr. Zhaohong (Tina) Qin
2015 – Dr. Carolina Ilkow
2014 – Dr. Matías Alvarez-Saavedra
2013 – Dr. Hang Yin
2012 – Dr. Vahab Soleimani
2011 – Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo
2010 – Melissa Bowerman (profile, video)
2009 – Dr. R. Mitchell Baldwin
2008 – Caroline Breitbach
2007 – Kelly McClellan

Research Excellence Team Award
This award recognizes a team that has made a significant contribution to research at The Ottawa Hospital. Criteria include overall research impact, creativity, teamwork and engagement of patients, the public and / or trainees.

2021 – Aging Innovation in Perioperative Medicine and Surgery (AIMS) Research Group
2020 – REthinking Clinical Trials (REaCT)
2019 – Parkinson Research Consortium
2018 – Ottawa Stroke Program
2017 – MS Stem Cell Transplant Team
2016 – Emergency Medicine Research Group

Inspire Clinical Research Staff Award
This award recognizes a clinical research manager or clinical research staff member (non-investigator) who inspires their colleagues, leads by example, and lives the core values of The Ottawa Hospital.

2021 – Penny Phillips
2020 – Manya Charette
2019 – Irene Watpool
2018 – Amy Geertsma
2017 – No award was given as the Inspire Award was merged with the TOH Excellence Awards
2016 – Manager: Cathy Clement. Personnel: Erica Nichols and Emily Hladkowicz
2015 – Manager: Ruth White. Personnel: Deborah Keller and Louise Lebel