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Probing the mysteries of COVID immunity
October 15, 2020 - Stop the Spread Ottawa is an initiative aimed at accelerating vaccine development against the novel coronavirus that has transformed our way of life.
Top Research Papers from The Ottawa Hospital 2015-2017
June 7, 2018 - Did you know that researchers at The Ottawa Hospital publish an average of four new scientific papers every single day? Our research is advancing science and improving health on a massive scale – both at home and around the world. The list below ...
Landmark trial could expand revolutionary treatments to all hepatitis C patients
February 3, 2016 - New targeted treatments have revolutionized care for hepatitis C, offering cure rates of close to 100 percent for people infected with the most common strain of the virus. Dr. Curtis Cooper and his team have played a major role in the research th
New treatments cure hepatitis C in patients co-infected with HIV
July 29, 2015 - Around the world, between 4 and 5 million people are infected with both HIV and the hepatitis C virus. These patients have high rates of liver disease. Until now, effective treatment for co-infected patients has been difficult since the interferon-
“Revolutionary” hepatitis C therapy at The Ottawa Hospital cures more patients
April 28, 2015 - Not long ago, BillyBob McPherson believed he had come to the end of his journey. That assessment would have been fair, were it not for recent advances in the treatment of hepatitis C. Today, McPherson, a former carnival worker on a disability pens