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Doug Manuel, MD, MSc, FRCPC
613-798-5555 ext 19108

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Selected Publications

Manuel DG, Tuna M, Hennessy D, Bennett C, Okhmatovskaia A, Finès P, Tanuseputro P, Tu JV, Flanagan W. Projections of preventable risks for cardiovascular disease in Canada to 2021: a microsimulation modelling approach. Canadian Medical Association Open Access Journal. 2014;2(2):E94-E101. Link to paper

Manuel DG, Perez R, Bennett C, Rosella L, Choi B. 900,000 Days in Hospital: The Annual Impact of Smoking, Alcohol, Diet and Physical Activity on Hospital Use in Ontario. Toronto, ON: Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences; 2014. ISBN: 978-1-926850-47-4. Link to paper

Manuel DG, Rosella LC, Hennessy D, Sanmartin C, Wilson K. Predictive risk algorithms in a population setting: an overview. J Epidemiol Community Health 2012;66:859-65. PMID 22859516. Link to paper

Manuel DG, Rosella LC, Stukel T. The importance of accurately identifying people with chronic diseases using electronic health-record systems. British Medical Journal 2010; 341:c4226. Link to paper

Manuel DG, Lim J, Tanuseputro P, Anderson GM, Alter DA, Laupacis A, Mustard CA. Revisiting Rose: Strategies for Reducing Coronary Heart Disease, So Should Population Health Strategies. BMJ 2006;332(7542):659-662. Link to paper

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