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Ran Klein, PhD


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Selected Publications

  1. Salman O*, Klein R, Anatomical Region Identification in Medical x-ray Computed Tomography (CT) Scans: Development and Comparison of Alternative Data-Analysis and Vision-Based Methods, Neural Computing and Applications [Online First 2020]
  2. Gabrani-Juma H*, Zuckier LS, Klein R, Development and validation of the Lesion Synthesis Toolbox and the Perception Study Tool for quantifying observer limits-of-detection of lesions in positron emission tomography, J Med Imaging, [Online First 2020]
  3. Manwell S*, Klein R, Xu To, deKemp RA, Clinical comparison of the Positron Emission Tracking (PeTrack) algorithm with the Real-Time Position Management System for respiratory gating in cardiac positron emission tomography, Med Phys, [In Press 2020].
  4. Currie G, Hawk KE, Rohrer E, Vial A, Klein R, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: Intelligent Imaging, J Med Image and Rad Sci, 2019;450(4):477-87.
  5. Klein R, Razavi S*, Memon R*, Zuckier L, An electronic 99mTc-DTPA Glomerular Filtration Rate spreadsheet with novel embedded quality assurance features, Nuc Med Comm. 2019;40(1):30-40.
  6. Ocneanu A*, deKemp R, Renaud JM, Adler A, Beanlands RSB, Klein R, Optimally repeatable kinetic model variant for myocardial blood flow measurements with 82Rb PET. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Nuclear Medicine, 2017: 6810626, 11 pages.
  7. Klein R, Ocneanu A*, Renaud JM, Ziadi MC, Beanlands RSB, deKemp RA, Consistent tracer administration profile improves test-retest repeatability of myocardial blood flow quantification with 82Rb dynamic PET imaging, J Nucl Cardiol, [In press].
  8. Gabrani-Juma H*, Clarkin OJ, Pourmoghaddas A, Driscoll B, Wells RG, deKemp RA, Klein R, Validation of a multimodality flow phantom and its application for assessment of dynamic SPECT and PET technologies, IEEE-Trans Med Imag, 2017;36(1):132-41.
  9. Hunter CRRN, Klein R, Beanlands RS, deKemp RA, Patient Body Motion Effects on the Quantification of Regional Myocardial Blood Flow with Dynamic PET Imaging, Med Phys, 2016;43(4):1829-40.
  10. deKemp RA, Renaud JM, Klein R, Beanlands RS, Radionuclide tracers for myocardial perfusion imaging and blood flow quantification. Cardiol Clinics, 2016;34(1):37-46.
  11. Wells RG, Timmins R, Klein R, Lockwood J, Marvin B, deKemp RA, Wei L, Ruddy TD, Dynamic SPECT measurement of absolute myocardial blood flow in a porcine model, J Nucl Med, 2014;55(10):1685-91.
  12. Klein R, Hung G-U, Wu T-C, Li D, deKemp RA, Hsu B, Feasibility and Operator Variability of Myocardial Blood Flow and Reserve Measurements with 99mTc-Sestamibi Quantitative Dynamic SPECT-CT Imaging. J. Nucl. Cardiol., 2014;21(6):1075-88.
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  14. Klein R, Adler A, Beanlands RS, deKemp RA, Precision-controlled elution of a 82Sr/82Rb generator for cardiac perfusion imaging with positron emission tomography. Phys. Med. Biol., 2007;52(3):659-673.

All Other Publications

  1. Thorn S, Barlow S, Feher A, Stacy M, Doviak H, Jacobs J, Zellars K, Renaud J, Klein R, deKemp R, Khakoo A, Lee TW, Spinale F, Sinusas A, Application of Hybrid MMP-Targeted and Dynamic 201Tl SPECT/CT Imaging for Evaluation of Early Post Myocardial Infarction Remodeling, Circ Cardiovascular Imaging, 12(11):e009055.
  2. Klein R, deKemp RA, 82Rb is the best flow tracer for high-volume sites, Annals of Nuc Cardiol 2019;5(1):53-62.
  3. Sriperumbuduri S, Dent R, Malcolm J, Hiremath S, Klein R, White CA; Akbari A, Accurate GFR in obesity – Protocol for a systematic review, Sys Review, 2019:8;147.
  4. Pfau D, Thorn SL, Zhang J, Mikush N, Renaud JM, Klein R, deKemp RA, Wu X, Hu X, Sinusas AJ, Young LH, Tirziu D, Angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor attenuates myocardial remodeling and improves infarct perfusion in experimental heart failure. Scientific Reports, 2019;9(1):5791.
  5. Robin P, Klein R, Gardner J, Ziebarth B, Bazarjani S, Razavi S*, Zuckier LS, Zeng W, Quantitative analysis of technetium-99m-sestamibi uptake and washout in parathyroid scintigraphy supports dual mechanisms of lesion conspicuity. Nuc Med Comm., 2019;40(5):469-76.
  6. Hunter CRRN, Klein R, Alessio A, deKemp RA, Correction for Rigid Patient body motion correction for dynamic cardiac PET-CT by attenuation-emission alignment according to projection consistency conditions. Med. Phys. 2019;46(4):1697-1706.
  7. Klein R, Nadouri D*, Osler E*, Johnson C, Dent S, Dwivedi G, Diastolic dysfunction can precede systolic dysfunction on MUGA in cancer patients receiving trastuzumab based therapy. Nuc Med Comm. 2019;40(1):22-29.
  8. Ahmadi A, Klein R, Lewin HS, Beanlands RSB, deKemp RA, Rubidium-82 Generator Yield and Efficiency for PET Perfusion Imaging: Comparison of Two Clinical Systems, J Nucl Card, [In Press 2020].
  9. Ahmadi A, Renaud JM, Promislow S, Burwash IG, Dwivedi G, Klein R, Zelt JGE, deKemp RA, Beanlands RS, Mielniczuk LM, Increased myocardial oxygen consumption rates are associated with maladaptive right ventricular remodelling and decreased event-free survival in heart failure patients, J Nucl Card, [In Press 2020]
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  12. Klein R, Initial steps to tracer kinetic modeling and MBF quantification, Annals of Nuc Cardiol.Annals of Nuc Cardiol., 2018:4(1):68-73.
  13. Pelletier-Galarneau M, Martineau P, Klein R, Henderson M, Zuckier LS, Reproducibility of Radioactive Iodine Uptake (RAIU) Measurements, J Appl Clin Med Phys, 2018:19(1):239-42.
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