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1. Zortea, T. C., Brenna, C. T., Joyce, M., McClelland, H., Tippett, M., Tran, M. M., Arensman, E.Corcoran, P., Hatcher, S., Heisel, M.J., Links, P., O'Connor, RC., Edgar, N.E., Cha, Y., Guaiana, G., Williamson, E., Sinyor, M. & Platt, S. (2020). The impact of infectious disease-related public health emergencies on suicide, suicidal behavior, and suicidal thoughts. Crisis.

2. Mackie, C., Dunn, N., MacLean, S., Testa, V., Heisel, M., & Hatcher, S. (2017). A qualitative study of a blended therapy using problem solving therapy with a customised smartphone app in men who present to hospital with intentional self-harm. Evidence-based mental health, 20(4), 118-122.

3. MacLean, S., MacKie, C., & Hatcher, S. (2018). Involving people with lived experience in research on suicide prevention. CMAJ, 190(Suppl), S13-S14.

4. MacLean, S., Corsi, D. J., Litchfield, S., Kucharski, J., Genise, K., Selaman, Z., Testa, V. & Hatcher, S. (2020). Coach-Facilitated Web-Based Therapy Compared With Information About Web-Based Resources in Patients Referred to Secondary Mental Health Care for Depression: Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of medical Internet research, 22(6), e15001.

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