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Antonio Colavita, PhD
(613) 562-5800 x8631

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Selected Publications

Noblett N., Wu Z., Ding Z.H., Park S., Roenspies R., Flibotte S., Chisholm AD., Jin Y.*, and A. Colavita*. 2019. DIP-2 suppresses ectopic neurite sprouting and axonal regeneration in mature neurons. J. Cell Biol. 218(1):125-133.

Zhang W., Colavita A. and JK. Ngsee. 2017. Mitigating Motor Neuronal Loss in a C. elegans Model of ALS8. Sci. Reports, 7(1):11582.

Shah P., Tanner M., Kovacevic I., Rankin A., Marshall T., Noblett N., Tran N., Roenspies T., Hung J., Chen Z., Slatculescu C., Perkins TJ, Bao Z.* and A. Colavita*. 2017. PCP and SAX-3/Robo pathways cooperate to regulate convergent extension-based nerve cord assembly in C. elegans. Developmental Cell; 41(2): 195-203.

Carr D., Sanchez-Alvarez L., Imai JH., Slatculescu C., Noblett N., Mao L., Beese L., and A. Colavita. 2016. A farnesyltransferase acts to inhibit ectopic neurite formation in C. elegans. PLoS One; 11(6): e0157537.

Sanchez-Alvarez L., Visanuvimol J., McEwan A., Su A., Imai JH. and A. Colavita. 2011. VANG-1 and PRKL-1 cooperate to negatively regulate neurite formation in C. elegans. PLoS Genet. 7(9): e1002257.

Habibi-Babadi N., Su A., Carvalho C. and A. Colavita. 2010. The N-glycanase png-1 acts to limit axon branching during organ formation in C. elegans. J. Neurosci. 30, 1766-1776.

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