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Adam Sachs, MD, MA, FRCSC
613-798-5555 ext 14471

Sachs Lab: 613-798-5555 ext 19241
Research Contact: Robert Doole

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Selected Publications

Bullock, K. R., Pieper, F., Sachs, A.J., and Martinez-Trujillo, J. C. Visual and presaccadic activity in area 8Ar of the macaque monkey lateral prefrontal cortex.  J Neurophysiol.  118(1): 15-28 (2017).

Leavitt, M. L., Pieper, F., Sachs, A.J., and Martinez-Trujillo, J. C. Correlated variability modifies working memory fidelity in primate prefrontal neuronal ensembles.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.  114(12): E2494-E2503 (2017).

Boulay, C. B., Pieper, F., Leavitt, M., Martinez-Trujillo, J. & Sachs, A. J. Single-trial decoding of intended eye movement goals from lateral prefrontal cortex neural ensembles. J. Neurophysiol. 115, 486–99 (2016).

Tremblay, S., Pieper, F., Sachs, A. & Martinez-Trujillo, J. Attentional filtering of visual information by neuronal ensembles in the primate lateral prefrontal cortex. Neuron 85, 202–15 (2015).

Tremblay, S., Doucet, G., Pieper, F., Sachs, A. & Martinez-Trujillo, J. Single-Trial Decoding of Visual Attention from Local Field Potentials in the Primate Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Is Frequency-Dependent. J. Neurosci. 35, 9038–49 (2015).

Irwin, Z., Thompson, D., Schroeder, K., Tat, D., Hassani, A., Bullard, A., Woo, S., Urbanchek, M., Sachs, A., Cederna, P., Stacey, W., Patil, P. & Chestek, C. Enabling Low-power, Multi-modal Neural Interfaces through a Common, Low-bandwidth Feature Space. IEEE Trans. Neural Syst. Rehabil. Eng. (2015).

Sachs, A. J., Babu, H., Su, Y.-F., Miller, K. J. & Henderson, J. M. Lack of efficacy of motor cortex stimulation for the treatment of neuropathic pain in 14 patients. Neuromodulation 17, 303–10; discussion 310–1 (2014).

Leavitt, M. L., Pieper, F., Sachs, A., Joober, R. & Martinez-Trujillo, J. C. Structure of spike count correlations reveals functional interactions between neurons in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex area 8a of behaving primates. PLoS One 8, e61503 (2013).

Sachs, A. J.,  Khayat, P. S., Niebergall, R., & Martinez-Trujillo, J. C. (2011). A metric-based analysis of the contribution of spike timing to contrast and motion direction coding by single neurons in macaque area MT. Brain Res., 1368, 163-184.

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