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Carl van Walraven, MD, FRCPC
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van Walraven C. A comparison of methods to correct for misclassification bias from administrative database diagnostic codes,2018, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY ; 47 (2) : 605-616 > view abstract

van Walraven C, Forster AJ, 2017, The HOMR-now! model accurately predicts 1-year death risk for hospitalized patients on admission, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE; 130 (8) : 991 > view abstract

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Grammatopoulos, George; McIsaac, Daniel I.; Beaule, Paul E.; van Walraven, Carl, 2022, Shape of the association between preoperative hemoglobin level and postoperative outcomes in patients undergoing primary arthroplasty, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY, 65, 1 ➤ view abstract

Haddad, Taleen; Mulpuru, Sunita; Salter, Ivy; Hladkowicz, Emily; Des Autels, Kathryne; Gagne, Sylvain; Bryson, Gregory L.; McCartney, Colin J. L.; Huang, Allen; Huang, Shirley; Forster, Alan; van Walraven, Carl; Kyeremanteng, Kwadwo; Fernando, Shannon M.; Nagpal, Sudhir; Moloo, Husein; Boet, Sylvain; Le Blanc, Vicki; Lalu, Manoj M.; McIsaac, Daniel I., 2022, Development and evaluation of an evidence-based, theory-grounded online Clinical Frailty Scale tutorial, AGE AND AGEING, 51, 2 ➤ view abstract

Roberts, Derek J.; Sypes, Emma E.; Nagpal, Sudhir K.; Niven, Daniel; Mamas, Mamas; McIsaac, Daniel I.; van Walraven, Carl; Shorr, Risa; Graham, Ian D.; Stelfox, Henry Thomas; Grimshaw, Jeremy, 2022, Evidence for overuse of cardiovascular healthcare services in high-income countries: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis, BMJ OPEN, 12, 4 ➤ view abstract

McAlister, Finlay A.; Dong, Yuan; Chu, Anna; Wang, Xuesong; Youngson, Erik; Quinn, Kieran L.; Verma, Amol; Udell, Jacob A.; Yu, Amy Y. X.; Razak, Fahad; Ho, Chester; de Mestral, Charles; Ross, Heather J.; van Walraven, Carl; Lee, Douglas S., 2022, The risk of death or unplanned readmission after discharge from a COVID-19 hospitalization in Alberta and Ontario, CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL, 194, 19 ➤ view abstract

Lanoue, Derek; van Walraven, Carl, 2022, Association of antibiotic allergy labels with hospital length of stay, ANNALS OF ALLERGY ASTHMA & IMMUNOLOGY, 128, 6, 705-712 ➤ view abstract

McIsaac, Daniel I.; Hladkowicz, Emily; Bryson, Gregory L.; Forster, Alan J.; Gagne, Sylvain; Huang, Allen; Lalu, Manoj; Lavallee, Luke T.; Moloo, Husein; Nantel, Julie; Power, Barbara; Scheede-Bergdahl, Celena; van Walraven, Carl; McCartney, Colin J. L.; Taljaard, Monica, 2022, Home-based prehabilitation with exercise to improve postoperative recovery for older adults with frailty having cancer surgery: the PREHAB randomised clinical trial, BRITISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA, 129, 1, 41-48 ➤ view abstract

Feng, Simon; van Walraven, Carl; Lalu, Manoj M.; Moloo, Husein; Musselman, Reilly; McIsaac, Daniel I., 2022, Derivation and external validation of a 30-day mortality risk prediction model for older patients having emergency general surgery, BRITISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA, 129, 1, 33-40 ➤ view abstract

Rodic, Stefan; McCudden, Christopher; van Walraven, Carl, 2022, Relationship between Plasma Zinc and Red Blood Cell Zinc Levels in Hospitalized Patients, JOURNAL OF APPLIED LABORATORY MEDICINE, 7, 6, 1412-1423 ➤ view abstract

van Walraven, Carl; Tuna, Meltem, 2022, The Network Relative Model Accuracy (NeRMA) Score can quantify the relative accuracy of prediction models in concurrent external validations, JOURNAL OF EVALUATION IN CLINICAL PRACTICEview abstract

Saunders, Stephanie; Downar, James; Subramaniam, Saranjah; Embuldeniya, Gaya; van Walraven, Carl; Wegier, Pete, 2021, mHOMR: the acceptability of an automated mortality prediction model for timely identification of patients for palliative care, BMJ QUALITY & SAFETY, 30, 10, 837-840

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