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Debra Eagles, MD, MSc., FRCPC
613-798-5555 x17484

Research Administrator:
Carolyne Kennedy
Tel: 613-798-5555 x18683


Selected Publications

Eagles D, Ellis B, Melady D. Frailty: a key concept to improve older person care. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. Sept 2020; 22(5): 624-625.   

Eagles D, Godwin B, Cheng W, Moors J, Figuiera S, Khoury L, Fournier K, Lampron J. A systematic review and meta-analysis evaluating the impact of geriatric consultation on older trauma patients. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, Mar 2020; 88(3): 446-453.   

Yadav K, Nath A, Suh KN, Sikora L, Eagles D. Treatment Failure Definitions for Non-Purulent Skin and Soft Tissue Infections: A Systematic Review. Infection. Feb 2020; 48(1):75-83.  

Yadav K, Boucher V, Carmichael PH, Eagles D, Voyer P, Emond M. Prospective Evaluation of Serial Ottawa 3DY Assessments to Detect Incident Delirium. Age and Ageing, 2019 Dec 1; 49(1):130-134. 

Parks AR, Eagles D, Ge Y, Stiell IG, Cheung W. Barriers and Enablers that Influence Guideline-Based Care of Geriatric Falls Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department. Emergency Medicine Journal, 2019 Dec; 36(12):741-747.  

All Other Publications

MacDonald Z, Stiell I, Genovezos I, Eagles D. Compliance of Older Emergency Department Patients to Community-based Specialized Geriatric Services. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2019 Sept; 21(5): 659-666.  

Chabbra S, Eagles D, Kwok E, Perry JJ. Interventions to Reduce Emergency Department Door-to-ECG Times: A Systematic Review. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2019 May; 15: 1-11. 

Bédard C, Boucher V, Voyer P, Yadav K, Eagles D, Nadeau A, Carmichael P-H, Pelletier M, Gouin E, Berthelot S, Daoust R, Lague A; Gagné A-J, Emond M. Validation of the O3DY French version (O3DY-F) for the screening of cognitive dysfunction in community seniors in the emergency department. Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2019 July; 57(1): 59-65. 

Yadav K, Rosenberg H, Eagles D, Suh K. Just the facts: Diagnosis and Management of Non-purulent Cellulitis in the Emergency Department. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2019 Mar; 21(2): 186-189. 

Yadav K,?Suh KN, Eagles D,?Thiruganasambandamoorthy V, Wells GA, Stiell IG. Evaluation of an emergency department to outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy program for cellulitis. American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2019 Feb; 

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Yadav K,?Suh KN, Eagles D,?MacIsaac J, Ritchie D, Bernick J, Thiruganasambandamoorthy V, Wells GA, Stiell IG. Predictors of oral antibiotic treatment failure for non-purulent skin and soft tissue infections in the emergency department. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2019 Jan; 26(1): 51-59. 

Fernando SM, Reardon PM, McIsaac DI, Eagles D, Murphy K, Tanuseputro P, Heyland DK, Kyeremanteng K. Outcomes of older hospitalized patients requiring rapid response team activation for acute deterioration. Critical Care Medicine. 2018 Dec; 46(12): 1953-1960. 

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Eagles D, Perry JJ, Sirois, MJ, Lang E, Daoust R, Lee J, Griffith L, Wilding L, Neveu X, Marcel E. Timed Up and Go predicts functional decline older patients presenting to the emergency department following minor trauma. Age and Ageing. 2017 Mar 1; 46(2): 214-218. 

Stiell IG, Clement CM, Rowe BH, Brison RJ, Wyse DG, Birnie D, Dorian P, Lang E, Perry JJ, Borgundvaag B, Eagles D, Redfearn D, Brinkhurst J, Wells GA. Outcomes for ED Patients with Recent-onset Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter (RAFF) Treated in Canadian Hospitals. Annals?of Emergency Medicine. 2017 May; 69(5): 562-571. 

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Eagles D, Stiell IG, Clement CM, Brehaut J, Taljaard M, Kelly AM, Mason S, Kellermann A, Perry JJ. International survey of emergency physicians' awareness and use of the Canadian Cervical-Spine Rule and the Canadian Computed Tomography Head Rule. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2008 Dec; 15(12): 1256-61.  

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