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Daniel McIsaac, MD, MPH, FRCPC

ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8543-1859

Research Activities

AIMS Research Group

Dan's research focuses on improving the care and outcomes of older people who require surgery using innovative approaches. These include data science, patient-oriented research and clinical trials. 

Trainee projects and accomplishments

May 2019: AIMS trainees sweep uOttawa Anesthesia research awards

L-R: Colin McCartney (Department Head), Simon Feng (1st place), Emma Harris (2nd place), Gavin Hamilton (3rd place), Mark Neuman (Visiting professor, Penn), Greg Bryson (Vice Chair Research).

May 2019: Six AIMS trainees present at uOttawa Gary Johnson Research Day

L-R: Kendra Derry (R4-Day of surgery cancellations), Emma Harris (R3-Frailty to improve prognostic accuracy), Simon Feng (R2-Attributable cost of preop anemia), Alexandra Fottinger (R3-Patient centered outcomes and frailty in cardiac surgery), Gavin Hamilton (R5-Nerve blocks for shoulder surgery), Kathryne DesAutels (MS1-Self-reported preop frailty).

May 2017: Five trainees present at uOttawa Gary Johnson Research Day

L-R: David MacDonald (Fellow: Frailty and capacity assessment in older patients), Dima Pelipeychenko (R1: Shared Decision Making in older surgical patients), Gavin Hamilton (R3: Comparative assessment of different frailty assessments before surgery), Tim Jen (R2: Systematic review of interventions for frail surgical patients), Matt Vierula (MS4: Systematic review of ACB for knee surgery)?

March 2017: Abhi Patel presents at uOttawa undergrad research day


The impact of age and frailty on surgery-induced inflammatory response: a systematic review protocol??

November 2016: Matt Vierula presents at American Society of Regional Anesthesia Conference

Hospital-level practice variation in neuraxial anesthesia use for hip fracture surgery ?independently predicts 30-day mortality: a population-based cohort study

Does adductor canal block improve functional outcomes after knee surgery? A systematic review

November 2016: Nikhile Mookerji presents at OHRI Research Day


A systematic review of perioperative interventions to improve the outcomes of frail elderly patients having surgery

June 2016: Karim Abdulla wins Canadian Anesthesiologist's Society Resident Research Competition

Karim's abstract

CAS President Susan O'Leary presents Karim Abdulla with a certificate recognizing his victory in the CAS Resident Research Competition

June 2016: uOttawa residents are 2 of 6 finalists in the CAS Resident Research Competition

More info here

Gavin Hamilton and Karim Abdulla at CAS 2016 in Vancouver

May 2016: Trainees present at uOttawa Anesthesiology Research Day

Left to right G Hamilton (Systematic review of the impact of postoperative delirium on mortality); K Abdulla (Association of delayed emergency surgery with mortality); E Cole (Scoping Review of regional anesthesia in enhanced recovery protocols); S Ben Zeev (Impact of PVB on short terms outcomes after breast cancer surgery).


March 2016: UROP project presented at uOttawa undergrad Research Day

J Di Michele (Systematic review of the impact of postoperative delirium on mortality)

December 2016: Evan Cole, MD co-author in BJA special edition for PGA 2015

Link: Regional and ERA-BJA 2015

October 2015: Karim Abdulla, MD presents at TOH Patient Safety Conference

Patient safety impact of delayed emergency noncardiac surgery

June 2015: Gavin Hamilton, MD chosen as Frailty Project Highly Qualified Personnel by a Canadian Frailty Network

CFN Catalyst Grant: Accuracy and acceptability of frailty instruments to identify patients at high risk of death or disability after surgery (PI D McIsaac)

June 2015: Kathryn Wheeler presents at Canadian Anesthesiologists Society Conference

Impact of TAP blocks on postoperative length of stay