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2022-2027       Canada in the INCremental Dialysis to Improve Outcomes in People Starting Hemodialysis (CAN-INCH-HD) Study:  A Randomized Controlled Trial.  PI Dr. C. Lok/Dr. D. Zimmerman.  $654,075. 5 yrs 2021-2022       International Peritoneal Dialysis Exercise Practices and Perceptions (IPEP) – Feb 2021-2022.  PI – Paul Bennett. $10,000 US dollars. 2021-2023       A pragmatic randomized controlled trial of a CKD specific telemonitoring platform to minimize adverse outcomes in high risk CKD.  CIHR.  Co-I.  PI – Claudio Rigatto.  2021-2023 3 yrs. $562,275. 2018-2021       A Simple Exercise Program for Patients with End-Stage Kidney Disease to Improve Strength and Quality of Life:  A Feasibility Study.  Start date Oct, 2018.  CIHR.  $252,450.  PI. 2018-2019       Inhibit Progression of Coronary Artery Calcification with Vitamin K in Hemodialysis patients:  The iPACK-HD study.  1 year.  CIHR Bridge Funding $100,000.  PI Holden, Rachel.  Co-investigator.  2016-2
2016-2022       Aldosterone Antagonism and Enhanced Clearance for Health Improvement Evaluation in End-Stage Disease (ACHIEVE)Trial.   CIHR.  2,652,816.  6 yrs.  Co-Investigator. March 2016 for 6 yrs.
2015-2016       Protection of the Heart with Aldosterone Antagonism in End-Stage Renal Disease (Phase 2) Trial.  Start date July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016.  Bridge Funding. $100,000.  Co- Investigator.  
2015-2018-      Inhibit the Progression of Arterial Calcification in Hemodialysis Patients:  A multi-Centre Pilot Study.   CIHR.  Start date July 2015-June 30, 2018.  $321.747.00.  Co-investigator.
2014-2015 Inhibit the progression of arterial calcification in hemodialysis patients: A multi-center pilot study CIHR Bridge Funding $100,000 Co-Investigator
2014 Patient’s choice for vascular access and health literacy. Department of Medicine Patient Quality and Safety Committee. Principal Investigator. $9535
2012-2015 Development of a “Phosphate Counting Program” on an iTouch to simplify Self-Management of Dietary Phosphate by Patients with ESRD Treated with Peritoneal Dialysis. Renal Discoveries. Baxter Health Care Corporation (External Peer Review). $156,000.00, Principal Investigator.
2011-2013 A pilot study to develop a predictive tool for assessing the risk of peritoneal dialysis technique failure for patients receiving Peritoneal Dialysis therapy. Clinical Evidence Council – PD; Baxter Health Care Corporation, Co-investigator. $130,000
2008-13. Genetic Markers of Risk in Hemodialysis Patients. CIHR. 3,625,000 Co-Investigator.
2008-14 Canadian Study of Prediction of Risk and Evolution to Dialysis, Death and Interim Cardiovascular Events Over Time (CanPreddict). OrthoBiotech Inc. $162,430.00, Co-Investigator.
2010 Canadian Society of Nephrology Intensive Dialysis Guidelines Canadian Society of Nephrology, $10,000, Principal Investigator
2010-2012 Effect of an Upper Arm Vascular Access on Left Ventricular Mass and Function. PSI Foundation. $169,000/2yrs. Co-investigator. 

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