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Contact Information

Hillel Finestone, MD, FRCPC
613-562-6262 ext. 4064

Research Activities

Funded Projects

Finestone H, Sveistrup H, Bilodeau M, Welch V, Hossain A, Sheehy L, Taillon-Hobson A. Home-based virtual reality training for sitting balance after discharge from inpatient stroke rehabilitation: A feasibility study. BAMO Grant, 2017. Principle Investigator.  

Finestone H, Knoefel F, Sheehy L, Sveistrup H, Taillon-Hobson A, Yang C, Bilodeau M, Welch V. Can a program of home-based virtual reality training maintain physical function and slow physical and cognitive decline in adults with mild cognitive impairment? A feasibility study. Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI), 2017-2018. Principle Investigator. 

Finestone, H. Sveistrup, M. Bilodeau, D. Levac, D. Fergusson. Does virtual reality exercise improve sitting balance ability and function after stroke? Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Grant, 2014-2017. Principle Investigator.  M. Bédard, S. Classen, S. Dubois, H. Finestone, L. Hunt, S. Gagnon, C. Gibbons, S. Marshall, R. Middleton, N. Mullen, G. Naglie, J. Polgar, B. Weaver. Development of a three-tiered, standardized process to assess senior drivers. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2013-2018. Co-applicant.