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Ottawa researchers contribute to three important studies shaping COVID-19 care
April 28, 2022 - Researchers from The Ottawa Hospital continue to play a key role in influential COVID-19 research, with three studies recently published in top-tier journals.
Full-dose blood thinners help moderately ill COVID-19 patients
August 23, 2021 - Two Canadian-led studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine show that full-dose blood thinners help moderately ill hospitalized COVID-19 patients, but not critically ill patients.
Plasma exchange may help treat rare blood clots related to vaccines
August 6, 2021 - Canadian researchers have published the first study of plasma exchange as a possible treatment for rare blood clots related to certain COVID-19 vaccines.
Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded 17 CIHR grants worth $7.5 million
March 10, 2021 - Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are playing a lead role in 17 new projects funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).
Blood thinners help keep hospitalized COVID-19 patients out of ICU
February 17, 2021 - Full-dose blood thinners reduced the need for mechanical ventilation and transfer to the ICU in moderately ill patients hospitalized with COVID-19, according to interim results from an international clinical trial.
The Ottawa Hospital awarded six CIHR grants worth $2.6 million
September 7, 2020 - Could a common diabetes drug help prevent ovarian cancer? Can a tailored screening program help prevent eye disease in immigrants? Is sepsis different in females versus males, and if so, can this help us develop better treatments? These are just ...
Preventing dangerous blood clots in COVID-19 patients
June 26, 2020 - Drs. Lana Castellucci, Marc Carrier and colleagues are contributing to an international clinical trial to find out whether a high dose of blood thinner can prevent dangerous blood clots in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.
Researchers awarded $1.6M to improve care for cardiovascular disease
November 13, 2019 - The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has awarded $1.6M to researchers at The Ottawa Hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa.
Preventing blood clots from coming back
March 1, 2019 - Dr. Marc Carrier and his colleagues pooled data from more than 22,000 patients around the world to compare the effectiveness of multiple blood thinners to treat venous thromboembolism.
The Ottawa Hospital awarded 18 research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, worth $10.7 million
May 19, 2017 - Eighteen research groups at The Ottawa Hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, have been awarded nearly $11 million in the most recent project grant competition from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). This represents a suc
Battle of the blood thinners hits home for Ottawa man
November 4, 2016 - Unexplained blood clots in his lungs put retired nursing orderly Robert Jean Tessier on blood thinning medications for life. His specialist, Dr. Lana Castellucci, is doing research to find out whether the newer drugs are as safe or effective as t
$20 million grant to fund safety evaluation of new blood thinners
October 12, 2016 - Dr. Lana Castellucci and her American colleagues Drs. Tom Ortel and David Garcia have been awarded US$14.8 million ($20 million Canadian) by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to test the safety and effectiveness of three blood thin