Cancer Immunology Lab

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Research Activities

- Tumor Immunology: We are interested in the basic mechanisms that govern the immune response to cancer, with a particular focus on Natural Killer cells. We are currently investigating why Natural Killer cells fail to eliminate tumors. We are studying the contribution of checkpoint receptors, such as PD-1 and LAG-3, in suppressing NK cell responses. We are also interested in the crosstalk between Natural Killer cells and immuno-modulatory cells, such as Tregs and MDSCs.?
- Oncolytic Virotherapy: Oncolytic viruses represent an innovative solution for cancer immunotherapy. We are interested in studying how oncolytic viruses modulate the immune response and design novel viruses with improved anti-tumor efficacy.?
- The Immunoprofile Effort: In collaboration with surgeons at The Ottawa Hospital, we are profiling the phenotype and function of immune cells in human cancer using high end flow cytometry and single cell RNA-sequencing.?
- Screens: We are conducting a number of screens to understand the biological mechanisms that regulate expression and function of checkpoint receptors.