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Mike Kekewich, BA (Hons), MA
613-798-5555 ext 17139


Selected Publications

Foreman T.C., Curran D., Landry J, Kekewich M.A. Documentation of Capacity and Identification
of Substitute Decision-Makers in Ontario. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 2014 23(3):

Kekewich M.A. Market Liberalism in Healthcare: A Dysfunctional View of Respecting “Consumer”
Autonomy. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 2014; 11(1): 21-29.

Kekewich M.A., Foreman T.C. Ethicists Conscientiously Objecting: An Ontological Dejustification.
Clinical Ethics 2012; 7(2): 101-104.

Kekewich M.A. Is Coerced Voluntary Treatment Ever Appropriate? Journal of Ethics in Mental
Health 2011; 6: 1-4.

Kekewich M.A., et al. Mind the Gap: The Lack of Common Language in Healthcare Ethics. The
Journal of Clinical Ethics 2011; 22(3): 157-162.

All Other Publications

Kekewich, M, Foreman, T. Ethical Assessment: Open versus Restricted Access and Optimal Use of
Solvent/Detergent-Treated Human Plasma (Octaplas) Internet. Ottawa: Canadian Agency for
Drugs and Technologies in Health 2011 (CADTH Optimal Use Report). See:

Kekewich, M.A. Contrition and Community: A Gewirthian Interpretation of State Apologies.
University of Ottawa (Canada). 2010, 110 pages; AAT MR75193. ISBN: 978-0-494-75193-0.

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