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A selection of current funded projects

1. June 2014: CATHERINE SMYTHE, PATRICIA POULIN, Ian Stiell, Alan Forster, Monica Taljaard, Tim Aubry, Doug Coyle, Greg Bryson, Howard Nathan, John Kowal, Keith Wilson, Jeffrey Freeman, Kim Corace, Clare Liddy, Erin Keely. Evaluation of an interdisciplinary complex pain management program linked to primary care to improve clinical outcomes and reduce health care utilization among patients with chronic pain and frequent emergency department visits. PSI Foundation: $168,000 over 2 years.

2. September 2014: SANDY DUNN, MARK WALKER, Ann Sprague; Deshayne Fell; Jeremy Grimshaw; Ian Graham; Monica Taljaard; Graeme Smith; JoAnn Harrold; Wendy Peterson; Elizabeth Darling; Ziad El-Khatib. Understanding factors related to evidence-informed practice: Attitudes, contextual factors, and barriers to use of the maternal newborn dashboard in Ontario. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care: Health Systems Research Fund Capacity Award. $730,447 over 3 years.

3. September 2014: CORRALES-MEDINA V, Shawn A, Ruddy T, Taljaard M, Beanlands R, Dwivedi G, Perry J, Rodrigeuz R, de Kemp R. Vascular inflammation as measured by 18FDG-PET/CT scan during acute pneumonia: A feasibility study. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario: $70,000 over 1 year.

4. April 2014: DOUG MANUEL, Joanne Arcand, Didier Garriguet, Deirdre Hennessy, Mary L'abbe, Heather Manson, Laura Rosella, Claudia Sanmartin, Monica Taljaard, Peter Tanuseputro, Jack Tu. Population Health Impact Assessment Tool for Cardiovascular Disease. Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $395,137 over 3 years.

5. March 2013: POULIN Patricia, Nathan H, Smith A, Harris C, Wilson K, Kowal J, Song X, Taljaard M. The Effect of an Inter-Disciplinary Program, Including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, on Psychosocial Function, Pain Perception, Disability and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors with Chronic Neuropathic Pain. Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region research project grant program: $414,080 over 3 years.

6. March 2013: LIDDY Clare; ASGHARI, S; BECKER M; KAPOSY C; ROURKE S; CAETANO, P; MCGEE F. Co-investigator: Taljaard, M (plus others). Advancing Primary Healthcare for persons living with HIV in Canada. CIHR Community-based Primary Healthcare Team Grant: $2.5M over 5 years.

7. April 2013: WEST L, CAULFIELD T, HERBERT MJ, HUMAR A, KESHAVJEE S, KNOLL G, LEVINGS MK, MITAL S, ROY D, SCHULTZ K, Allen U, Alwayn I, Blydt-Hansen T, Chandler J, Foster B, Gill J, Grimshaw J, Hemmelgarn B, Keown P, Kim S, Klarenbach S, Lachance S, Levy G, Liu M, Madrenas J, McManus B, Muruve D, Nicholas D, Nickerson P, Perreault C, Squires JE, Taljaard M, Tibbles L, Toze C, Wall D, White M, Wishart D. Canadian National Transplant Research Program: Increasing Donation and Improving Transplantation Outcomes. CIHR program grant in Transplantation Research: $14.3M over 5 years.

8. March 2013: CURRAN J, Grimshaw J, McGrath P, Chorney J, MacPhee S, Burns E, Plint A, Jabbour M, Zemek R, Taljaard M, Klassen T, Newton A, Wright B, Johnson D. Collaborators: Sawyer S, Sinclair D, Wren P, Mackay R, Understanding Discharge Instructions for Children and Caregivers in the Transition from Pediatric emergency Care. CIHR- NSHRF Regional Partnership Program Operating Grant: $435,804 over 3 years.

9. March 2013: MILLS Edward; Ford, Nathan; Bakanda, Celestin; Birungi, Josephine; Cameron, D. W; Cooper, Curtis L; Guyatt, Gordon H; Karlan, Dean; Montaner, Julio S; Parkerson, Douglas; Taljaard, Monica; Thabane, Lehana; Wood, Evan; Yaya, Sanni. Microfinance opportunities to improve quality of life and clinical outcomes among HIV+ patients in Africa: A randomized trial Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $523,950 over 3 years.

10. November 2012: TALJAARD M, WEIJER C, GRIMSHAW JM, Brehaut JC, McRae AD, White A, Forster D, Polson R. International dissemination of the Ottawa Statement on the Ethical Conduct and Ethics Review of Cluster Randomized Trials. Canadian Institutes of Health Research Dissemination Events, $25,000 over 1 year. (Ranked #1/116, rating 4.68)

11. September 2012: CALDER L, Borgundvaag B, Daoust R, Emond M, Forster A, Lang E, Perry J, Rowe B, Sivilotti M, Stiell I, Taljaard M, Thiruganasambandamoorthy V, Wells G. A Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study of Adverse Events Among Patients Discharged with Sentinel Cardiovascular Emergency Department Diagnoses. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. $428,829 over 3 years.

12. April 2012: JABBOUR M, JOHNSON D, Coyle D, Curran J, Ducharme F, Grimshaw J, Guttmann A, Klassen T, Lougheed M, Mcnaughton-Filion L, Newton M, Paprica A, Rotter T, Scott S, Shafir M, Taljaard M. Best Strategies for Implementation of Clinical Pathways in Emergency Department Settings. Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $786,866 over 4 years.

13. July 2012: NATHAN H, Gilron I, Kowal J, Lochnan H, Poulin P, Sorisky A, Taljaard M, Van Uum S. The Effect of an Inter-Disciplnary Program, Including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, on Psychosocial Function, Pain and Metabolism in Patients with Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. Canadian Diabetes Association: $138,542 over 2 years.

14. April 2012: LIDDY C, Hogg W, Dahrouge S, Taljaard M, Deri Armstrong C, Wells G, Russell G. Improved Delivery of Cardiovascular Care (IDOCC) through Outreach Facilitation. Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $429,302 over 3 years.

15. June 2011. MURRAY M, BISSONNETTE, J; Brownrigg R; Taljaard, M; Laprise P; Biyani M; Lavoie S D; Mccormick B; Zimmerman D. A pilot study to develop a predictive tool for assessing the risk of peritoneal dialysis technique failure for patients receiving Peritoneal Dialysis therapy. Baxter Clinical Evidence Council: $110,000 over 3 years.