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Alexander Sorisky, MD, CM, FRCPC
613-737-8899 x73320

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Selected Publications

Gagnon A, Antunes TT, Ly T, Pongsuwan P, Gavin C, Lochnan HA, Sorisky A. TSH-stimulates lipolysis in adipocytes in culture and raises serum free fatty acid levels in vivo. Metabolism 59:547-553, 2010.

Molgat ASD, Gagnon A, Sorisky A. Macrophage-induced preadipocyte survival depends on signaling through Akt, ERK1/2, and reactive oxygen species. Exp Cell Res 317:521-530, 2011.

Sorisky A, Molgat ASD, Gagnon A. Macrophage-induced adipose tissue dysfunction and the preadipocyte: should I stay (and differentiate) or should I go? Adv Nutr 4:67-75, 2013.

Gagnon A, Foster C, Landry A, Sorisky A. The role of interleukin-1β in the anti-adipogenic action of macrophages on human preadipocytes. J Endocrinol 217:197-206, 2013.

Gagnon A, Langille ML, Chaker S, Antunes TT, Durand J, Sorisky A. TSH signaling pathways that regulate MCP-1 in human differentiated adipocytes. Metabolism 63:812-821, 2014.

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