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Contact Information

Yan Xu

Associate Scientist, Acute Care Research
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Hematologist, Department of Medicine
The Ottawa Hospital
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
University of Ottawa

Research Interests

Anticoagulant safety; Venous thromboembolism; Health disparities; Thrombotic conditions in racialized populations.

Brief Biography

Dr. Xu obtained his medical degree at Queen’s University (Kingston), followed by internal medicine residency at the University of Toronto. He moved to Ottawa in 2019 to complete his hematology residency, followed by an Adult Thrombosis Medicine fellowship and a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology.

He joined the OHRI in July 2023 and is an attending hematologist and thrombosis specialist at The Ottawa Hospital.

Selected Publications

1. Xu Y, Cole K, Collins E, Moledina A, Mallity C, Carrier M. Anticoagulation for the prevention of arterial thrombosis in ambulatory cancer patients: Systematic review and meta-Analysis. Journal of the American College of Cardiology CardioOncology. E-published Jun 27, 2023.

2. Xu Y, Gomes T, Wells PS, Pequeno P, Johnson AP, Sholzberg M. Evaluation of major bleeding definitions for oral anticoagulant-associated bleeding: a population-based cohort study. Thrombosis Research. 2022;213:57-64.

3. Xu Y, Siegal DM, Anand S. Ethnoracial variations in venous thrombosis: implications for management and call to action. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 2021;19(1):30-40.

4. Sholzberg M, Xu Y. Coagulation test interpretation in direct oral anticoagulant associated bleeding. JAMA. 2018;320(14):1485-1486

5. Xu Y, Schulman S, Dowlatshahi D, Holbrook AM, Simpson CS, Shepherd LE, Wells PS, Giulivi A, Gomes T, Mamdani M, Khuu W, Frymire E, Johnson A. Direct oral anticoagulantor warfarin-related major bleeding: Characteristics, management and outcomes from a multicenter observational study. Chest. 2017;152(1):81-91.

Diseases, conditions and populations of interest

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