The Dynamical Analysis Laboratory (DAL) is a research lab at the The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), affiliated with the Research Institute at the University of Ottawa and the research arm of The Ottawa Hospital. Our vision is to improve care through continuous monitoring of multiorgan variability. Our work focuses on complexity science, variability analysis and their applications to clinical problems. In particular, we strive to bring complexity science to the bedside, by providing decision support to clinicians through variability analysis of commonly monitored physiological signals. Under the direction of Dr. Andrew Seely, we have developed Continuous Individualized Multi-organ Variability Analysis (CIMVA) software that provides comprehensive variability calculation and visualization tools to researchers around the world, who are interested in the clinical utility of biological complexity and variability.

Our research areas include:

  • Physiological waveform processing: filtering, quality assessment, event time series extraction
  • Multiorgan variability analysis across multiple complexity domains
  • Statistical and clinical interpretation of continuous variability monitoring
  • Novel ways and measures to characterize physiological variability
  • Machine learning and clinical decision support systems

Our current research projects address the following clinical problems:

  • Prediction of extubation failure in critical care patients
  • Prediction of clinical deterioration and death in sepsis
  • Early detection of infection in bone marrow transplant patients
  • Cardiorespiratory variability during exercise and heat stress