Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to a greater risk of autism
August 10, 2020 - In the largest study of its kind, researchers from The Ottawa Hospital, BORN Ontario and the University of Ottawa found that children whose mothers reported using cannabis during pregnancy were at greater risk of autism.
5 ways to enhance research integrity and avoid the risks of ‘publish or perish’ in academia
July 16, 2020 - Amid growing criticism of the traditional “publish or perish” system for rewarding academic research, an international team has developed five principles that institutions can follow to measure and reward research integrity. The team believes ...
Vascular development may be at risk in autism
July 13, 2020 - A Canadian collaboration led by Dr. Baptiste Lacoste has undertaken the first ever in-depth study of vasculature in the autistic brain. The product of four years of work, a paper published today in Nature Neuroscience lays out several lines of ...
Innovative clinical trial design breathes life into potential cell therapy for lung disease in preterm babies
July 10, 2020 - When it comes to developing medical treatments, it is a long, challenging and expensive road from the research lab to the clinic.Most Canadians give little thought to what goes into the healthcare we receive – we’re happy to get good care when ...
Decoding the mystery of Parkinson’s disease
July 10, 2020 - For more than 200 years, no one has been able to solve the Parkinson puzzle. While the exact cause of the disease remains a mystery, dedicated researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are gaining ground—determined to solve the puzzle.
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