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Brian Hutton, MSc, PhD
7378899 ext 73842

Vera Pecurica, Research Administrative Coordinator: 613-737-8899, ext 73849. Email:


Recent Grants:

Comparing Psychosocial Interventions and Establishing Core Outcomes for Opioid Use Disorder (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2018; $108,100). Role: PI.

Signal detection and network meta-analyses to update Canadian guidelines for chronic sinusitus (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2018-2020; $190,000). Role: PI.

Randomised Study Comparing No Mechanical Bowel Preparation with Oral Antibiotics Alone in Patients Undergoing Elective Colon Surgery (The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medical Organization, 2018; $100,000). Role: Co-I.

Systematic Reviews with Network Meta-Analyses to Compare Interventions for Sudden Hearing Loss, Single Sided Deafness and Meniere's Disease (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2017: $245,000). Role: PI.
Application of network meta-analysis for assessment of pre-clinical/animal studies of interventions for stroke (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2016; $100,000). Role: Co-Investigator.

Sedation and delirium in the ICU: network meta-analyses of interventions (CIHR, 2015; $90,000). Role: Co-PI.

Systematic review and network meta-analysis of non-hormonal interventions
for management of hot flashes in breast cancer and prostate cancer (CIHR, 2015, $100,000). Role: PI.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network Meta-Analysis Operating Grant (5 years, $7,000,000). Role: Co-Investigator.

Network Meta-Analysis of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic alternatives for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Alicia Koplowitz Foundation, $43,000). Role: Co-Investigator.

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) – Evidence Review Synthesis Centre (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2015-17; $200,000). Role: Co-Investigator.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network New Investigator Award (2013-2018; $300,000).