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Lisa McGovern
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Selected Publications

All Publications (updated Aug 2018)

  • Araujo-Soares, V., Hankonen, N., Presseau, J., Rodrigues, A., Sniehotta, F.F. (in press). Developing behaviour change interventions for self-management of chronic illness: an integrative overview. European Psychologist.
  • Baron, J.S., Sullivan, K.J., Swaine, J.M., Aspinall, A., Jaglal, S., Presseau, J., Grimshaw, J.M. (in press). Self-management interventions for skin care in people with a spinal cord injury: Part 2 - Systematic review of use of theory and quality of intervention reporting. Spinal Cord.
  • Baron, J.S., Sullivan, K.J., Swaine, J.M., Aspinall, A., Jaglal, S., Presseau, J., White, B., Grimshaw, J.M. (in press). Self-management interventions for skin care in people with a spinal cord injury: Part 1 - A systematic review of intervention content and effectiveness. Spinal Cord.
  • Bissett, S.M., Presseau, J., Rapley, T., Preshaw, P.M. (in press). Uptake of best practice recommendations in the management of patients with diabetes and periodontitis: a cross-sectional survey of dental clinicians. British Dental Journal.
  • Bravo, C.A., Llovet, D., Witteman, H.O., Desveaux, L., Presseau, J., Saragosa, M., Vaisson, G., Umar, S., Tinmouth, J., Ivers, N.M. (in press). Designing emails aiming to increase family physicians’ use of an online audit and feedback tool to improve cancer screening rates. JMIR Human Factors.
  • Brown, H., Presseau, J. (in press). Work me not into temptation: Exploring the relationship between work and healthy eating in dieters. Australian Economic Review.
  • Graham-Rowe, E., Lorencatto, F., Lawrenson, J., Burr, J., Grimshaw, J., Ivers, N., Presseau, J., Vale, L., Peto, T., Bunce, C., Francis, J. (in press). Barriers and enablers to diabetic retinopathy screening attendance: A systematic review of published and grey literature. Diabetic Medicine.
  • Jeong, D., Presseau, J., ElChamma, R., Naumann, D.N., Mascaro, C., Smith, K.M., Kitto, S. (in press). Barriers and facilitators to self-directed learning in continuing professional development: a scoping review. Academic Medicine.
  • Mullola, S., Hakulinen, C., Gimeno, D., Presseau, J., Joleka, M., Vanska, J., Paunio, T., Elovainio, M. (in press). Medical speciality choice and well-being at work: physician’s personality as a moderator. Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health.
  • Nathan, N., Elton, B., Babic, M., McCarthy, N., Sutherland, R., Presseau, J., Seward, K., Hodder, R., Booth, D., Yoong, S.L., Wolfenden, L. (in press). Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of physical activity policies in schools: A systematic review. Preventive Medicine.
  • Yamada, J., Potestio, M.L., Cave, A.J., Sharpe, H., Johnson, D., Patey, A.M., Presseau, J., Grimshaw, J.M. (in press). Using the Theoretical Domains Framework to identify barriers and facilitators to paediatric asthma management in primary care settings. Journal of Asthma.
  • Kitto, S., Danilovich, N., Delva, D., Meuser, J., Presseau, J., Grimshaw, J., Hendry, P. (2018). Uncharted territory: Knowledge translation of competency-based continuing professional development in family medicine. Canadian Family Physician, 64: 250-253.
  • Lawrenson, J.G., Graham-Rowe, E., Lorencatto, F., Burr, J., Bunce, C., Francis, J.J., Aluko, P., Rice, S., Vale, L., Peto, T., Presseau, J., Ivers, N., Grimshaw, J.M., (2018). Interventions to increase attendance for diabetic retinopathy screening. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018, Issue 1. Art. No.: CD012054.
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  • Mullola, S., Hakulinen, C., Presseau, J., Gimeno Ruiz de Porras, D., Jokela, M., Hintsa, T., Elovainio, M. (2018). Personality traits and career choices among physicians in Finland: employment sector, clinical patient contact, specialty and change of specialty. BMC Medical Education, 18:52.
  • Pattison, E.W., Dombrowski, S.U., Presseau, J. (2018). “Just one more episode”: Prevalence and theoretical predictors of television binge watching. Journal of Health Psychology, 23, 17-24.
  • Presseau, J., Mackintosh, J., Hawthorne, G., Francis, J., Grimshaw, J.M., Steen, N., Coulthard, T., Brown, H., Kaner, E., Elovainio, M., Sniehotta, F. (2018). Cluster randomised controlled trial of a theory-based multiple behaviour change intervention aimed at healthcare professionals to improve their management of Type 2 diabetes in primary care. Implementation Science, 13:65.
  • Vaisson, G., Witteman, H.O., Bouck, Z., Bravo, C.A., Desveaux, L., Llovet, D., Presseau, J., Saragosa, M., Taljaard, M., Umar, S., Grimshaw, J., Tinmouth, J., Ivers, N.M. (2018). Testing behaviour change techniques to encourage primary care physicians to access cancer screening audit and feedback reports: Protocol for a factorial randomized experiment of email content. JMIR Research Protocols, 7:e11.
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  • Presseau, J., Mutsaers, B., Al-Jaishi, A.A., Squires, J., McIntyre, C.W., Garg, A.X., Sood, M.M., Grimshaw, J.M., on behalf of the Major outcomes with personalized dialYsate TEMPerature (MY TEMP) investigators. (2017). Barriers and facilitators to healthcare professional behaviour change in clinical trials using the Theoretical Domains Framework: A case study of a trial of individualized temperature reduced hemodialysis. Trials, 18:227.
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