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Contact Information

Justin Presseau, PhD
(+1) 613-737-8899 x73821

Research Administrative Assistant:
Lisa McGovern
(+1) 613-737-8899 x73833

Justin Presseau

Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Assistant Professor, School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine
University of Ottawa
Member of the Centre for Implementation Research

Research Interests

  • Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine
  • Prioritization and multiple behaviour change
  • Knowledge translation / implementation research
  • Health behaviour change
  • Healthcare professional behaviour change
  • Habit, routines and automaticity
  • Theory-based process evaluation of interventions alongside trials
  • Medication adherence

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Brief Biography

Dr. Presseau is a Scientist and health psychologist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Assistant Professor in the School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen (UK). His research draws upon theories and approaches from health psychology and behavioural medicine to develop and evaluate interventions focused on changing healthcare professional behaviours and health behaviours of patients and the public.

Selected Publications

  • Presseau, J., Schwalm, J.D.R., Grimshaw, J.M., Witteman, H.O., Natarajan, M.K., Linklater, S., Sullivan, K, Ivers, N.M. (in press). Identifying determinants of medication adherence following myocardial infarction using the Theoretical Domains Framework and the Health Action Process Approach. Psychology & Health.
  • Presseau J, Grimshaw JM, Tetroe JM, Eccles MP, Francis JJ, Godin G, Graham ID, Hux JE, Johnston M, Légaré F, Lemyre L, Robinson N, Zwarenstein M. (2016). A theory-based process evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial of printed educational messages to increase primary care physicians’ prescription of thiazide diuretics for hypertension [ISRCTN72772651]. Implementation Science, 11:121.
  • Presseau, J., Ivers, N.M., Newham, J.J., Knittle, K., Danko, K.J., Grimshaw, J.M. (2015). Using a behaviour change techniques taxonomy to identify active ingredients within trials of implementation interventions for diabetes care. Implementation Science, 10:55.
  • Presseau, J., Hawthorne, G., Sniehotta, F.F., Steen, N., Francis, J.J., Johnston, M., Mackintosh, J., Grimshaw, J.M., Kaner, E., Elovainio, M., Deverill, M., Coulthard, T., Brown, H., Hunter, M., Eccles, M.P. (2014). Improving Diabetes care through Examining, Advising, and prescribing (IDEA): Protocol for a theory-based cluster randomised controlled trial of a multiple behaviour change intervention aimed at primary healthcare professionals. Implementation Science, 9: 61.
  • Presseau, J., Johnston, M., Francis, J.J., Hrisos, S., Stamp, E., Steen, N., Hawthorne, G., Grimshaw, J.M., Elovainio, M., Hunter, M., Eccles, M.P. (2014). Theory-based predictors of multiple clinician behaviors in the management of diabetes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 37, 607-620.
  • Presseau, J., Johnston, M., Heponiemi, T., Elovainio, M., Francis, J.J., Eccles, M.P., Steen, N., Hrisos, S., Stamp, E., Grimshaw, J.M., Hawthorne, G., Sniehotta, F.F. (2014). Reflective and automatic processes in healthcare professional behavior: A dual process model tested across multiple behaviors. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 48, 347-358.
  • Presseau, J., Tait, R.I., Johnston, D.W., Francis, J.J., Sniehotta, F.F. (2013). Goal conflict and goal facilitation as predictors of daily accelerometer-assessed physical activity. Health Psychology, 32, 1179-1187.
  • Presseau, J., Sniehotta, F.F., Francis, J.J., Campbell, N.C. (2009). Multiple goals and time constraints: perceived impact on physicians' performance of evidence-based behaviours. Implementation Science, 4: 77. 

Research and clinical approaches

Behaviour; Cluster randomized trials; Health professional behaviour change; Health promotion; Knowledge translation and implementation research; Psychology; Psychometrics; Qualitative methods; Quality Improvement; Surveys