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Selected Publications

Selected Publications (from 105 peer-reviewed publications)   

1. Manias Rothberg JL, HB Maganti, H Jrade, CJ Porter, GA Palidwor, C Cafariello, HL Battaion, ST Khan, TJ Perkins, RF Paulson, CY Ito, and WL Stanford. Mtf2-PRC2 control of canonical Wnt Signaling is required for definitive erythropoiesis. Cell Discovery (Nature Publishing) 4:21 (p.1-16), 2018 

2. Julian LM*, SP Delaney*, Y Wang*, A Goldberg, RY Tam, C Doré, J Yockell-Lelièvre, G Giannikou, F McMurray, M-E Harper, EP Henske, DJ Kwiatkowski, TN Darling, J Moss, MS Shoichet, AS Kristof, and WL Stanford. Human pluripotent stem cell-derived TSC2-haploinsufficient smooth muscle cells recapitulate features of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Cancer Research 77: 5491-5502, 2017 (*equal contribution)  

3. Julian, LM, ACH McDonald, and WL Stanford. SOX proteins: masters of cell fate reprogramming. Current Opinion in Genetics and Development 46: 24-36, 2017  

4. Chen Z*, WY Chang*, A Etheridge, H Strickfaden, Z Jin, G Palidwor, J-H Cho, K Wang, SY Kwon, C Doré, A Raymond, A Hotta, J Ellis, RA Kandel, FJ Dilworth, TJ Perkins, MJ Hendzel, DJ Galas, and WL Stanford. Restoration of epigenetic inheritance by reprogramming of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome somatic cells. Aging Cell 16: 870-887, 2017 (*equal contribution)  

5. Julian LM, RL Carpenedo, JL Manias Rothberg, and WL Stanford. Formula G1: Cell cycle in the driver’s seat of stem cell fate determination. BioEssays 38: 325-332, 2016 (Journal Cover)  

6. Shelton M, A Kocharyan, J Liu, I Skerjanc*, and WL Stanford*. Robust generation and expansion of skeletal muscle progenitors and myocytes from human pluripotent stem cells. Methods 101: 73-84, 2016 (*co-corresponding authors) (Journal Cover)  

7. Cassar PA*, RL Carpenedo*, P Samavarchi-Tehrani, JB Olsen, CJ Park, WY Chang, Z Chen, C Choey, SP Delaney, H Guo, H Guo, RM Tanner, TJ Perkins, SA Tenenbaum, A Emili, JL Wrana, D Gibbings, and WL Stanford. Integrative genomics positions MKRN1 as a novel ribonucleoprotein within the embryonic stem cell regulatory network.  EMBO Reports, 16: 1334-1357, 2015 (*co-first authors)  

8. Delaney SP, LM Julian, and WL Stanford.  The neural crest lineage as a driver of disease heterogeneity in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Frontiers in Cell & Developmental Biology November 25; 2:69 (p.1-15), 2014  doi: 10.3389/fcell.2014.00069

All Other Publications

9. McDonald ACH, S Biechele, J Rossant*, and WL Stanford*. Sox17-mediated XEN cell conversion identifies dynamic networks controlling cell fate decisions in embryo-derived stem cells. CELL Reports (CELL Press) 9:780-793, 2014 (*co-corresponding authors)
10. Shelton M, J Metz, J Liu, RL Carpenedo, S-P Demers, WL Stanford*, and IS Skerjanc*. Derivation and expansion of Pax7-positive muscle progenitors from human and mouse embryonic stem cells. Stem CELL Reports (CELL Press) 3: 516-529, 2014 (*co-corresponding authors)

11. Chang WY, JR Lavoie, SY Kwon, Z Chen, JL Manias, John Behbahani, V Ling, RA Kandel, DJ Stewart, and WL Stanford. Feeder-Independent Derivation of Induced-Pluripotent Stem Cells from Endothelial Progenitor Cells. Stem Cell Research 10: 195-202, 2013

12. Chang WY, K Garcha, J Manias, and WL Stanford. Deciphering the Complexities of Human Disorders and Diseases by Coupling Induced-Pluripotent Stem Cells and Systems Genetics. WIREs System Biology & Medicine, 4:339–350, 2012 doi:10.1002/wsbm.1170

13. Hughes MR?, N Anderson?, S Maltby, Z Berberovic, J Wong, CL Birkenmeier, K Garcha, DJ Haddon, A Flenniken, LR Osborne, SL Adamson, J Rossant, L Peters, RF Paulson, C Wang, DL Barber, KM McNagny*, and WL Stanford*. A novel ENU-generated truncation mutation lacking the spectrin-binding and C-terminal regulatory domains of Ank1 models severe, hemolytic hereditary spherocytosis. Experimental Hematology 39: 305-320, 2011 ( ?co-first authors; *co-corresponding authors)

14. Waese EYL and WL Stanford. One-Step Generation of Murine Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Mesoderm Progenitors and Chondrocytes in a Serum-Free Monolayer Differentiation System. Stem Cell Research 6: 34-49, 2011
15. Chiang CK?, MF Chowdhury?, R Iyer, WL Stanford*, and M Radisic*. Engineering surfaces for site-specific vascular differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells.  Acta Biomateriala 6:1904-1916, 2010 (*co-corresponding authors; ?co-first authors)

16. Walker E, WY Chang, J Hunkapiller, G Cagney, K Garcha, J Torchia, N Krogan, J Reiter, and WL Stanford. Polycomb-like 2 Associates with PRC2 and Regulates Transcriptional Networks during Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation. CELL Stem Cell 6:153-166, 2010

17. Ellis J*, BG Bruneau, G Keller, IR Lemischka, A Nagy, J Rossant, D Srivastava, PW Zandstra, and WL Stanford*. Alternative induced pluripotent stem cell characterization criteria for in vitro applications. CELL Stem Cell 4:198-199, 2009 (*co-corresponding authors)
18. Woltjen, K and WL Stanford. Inhibition of Tgf-b Signaling Improves Mouse Fibroblast Reprogramming. CELL Stem Cell. 5: 457-458, 2009

19. Chang WY and WL Stanford. Translational Control: A New Dimension in Embryonic Stem Cell Network Analysis.  CELL Stem Cell. 2:410-412, 2008

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21. Holmes C, and WL Stanford. Stem Cell Antigen-1: Expression, Function, and Enigma. Stem Cells 25: 1339-1347, 2007

22. Skarnes, WC, H von Melchner, W Wurst, G Hicks, AS Nord, T Cox, SG Young, P Ruiz, P Soriano, M Tessier-Lavigne, BR Conklin, WL Stanford, and J Rossant. A public gene trap resource for mouse functional genomics. Nature Genetics 36: 543-54, 2004

23. To, C, T Epp, T Reid, Q Lan, M Yu, CYJ Li, M Ohishi, P Hant, N Tsao, G Casallo, J Rossant, LR Osborne, and WL Stanford. The Centre for Modeling Human Disease Gene Trap Resource. Nucleic Acids Res., 32:D557-D559, 2004

24. Bonyadi, M, SD Waldman, D Liu, JE Aubin, MD Grynpas, and WL Stanford. Mesenchymal progenitor self-renewal deficiency leads to age-dependent osteoporosis in Sca-1/Ly-6A null mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (Direct Submission), 100:5840-5845, 2003

25. Ito, CY, CYJ Li, A Bernstein, JE Dick, and WL Stanford.  Hematopoietic stem cell and progenitor defects in Sca-1/Ly-6A null mice. Blood, 101:517-523, 2003

26. Stanford WL, JB Cohn, and SP Cordes.  Gene trap mutagenesis: past, present and beyond. Nature Rev. Genetics. 2: 756-768, 2001