StemCore Laboratories

StemCore Laboratories is a high-throughput genomics facility within the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), and is a core facility of the University of Ottawa. StemCore Laboratories is developing a world-class infrastructure for genomics and is capable of facilitating large-scale scientific research and biotechnology projects. Stemcore Laboratories seeks out projects that are challenging, cutting-edge, extend the boundaries of biological knowledge, and will positively impact the state of human health.

StemCore Laboratories is an OGI Platform Affiliate.


Decreased Cost for DNA Sequencing at StemCore!

Please see the DNA Sequencing webpage for more information.


Funding for StemCore Laboratories has been provided by:
Government of Ontario, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa, Genome Canada, The Ontario Genomics Institute, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Stem Cell Network, Stantive Solutions