StemCore Laboratories

StemCore Laboratories is a high-throughput genomics facility within the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), and is a core facility of the University of Ottawa. StemCore Laboratories is developing a world-class infrastructure for genomics and is capable of facilitating large-scale scientific research and biotechnology projects. Stemcore Laboratories seeks out projects that are challenging, cutting-edge, extend the boundaries of biological knowledge, and will positively impact the state of human health.

StemCore Laboratories is an OGI Platform Affiliate.


In light of the rapidly evolving Covid 19 situation, StemCore Laboratories will no longer be processing samples after Wednesday, March 18th.

New samples (DNA Sequencing) will be accepted only until Monday, March 16th at 4:00 pm. We will endeavour to provide results that are available to you before our shutdown.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. We will notify you when we reopen and are ready to accept samples again.


Agilent iLab is Here!

On March 1, 2018, StemCore implemented an online core facility management system to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core service requests. Initially, the system will only include samples submitted to the DNA Sequencing and Flow Cytometry Facilities. On April 1, 2018 we will expand the system to include all services that are offered by StemCore.

Access to the iLab site requires a one-time registration. Once you are registered, the system will enable you to place service requests, provide required approvals for work to be performed, and monitor progress of the requested work.

To complete the registration process, please follow the instruction under the Getting Started with iLab section below. In the event that you already have an iLab account please navigate to the StemCore page within iLab to create equipment reservations or to request services.

If you encounter any difficulties while navigating the iLab site please see the instructions in the Additional Help section below.

Special Information for Principle Investigators or Lab Heads

PIs may receive email requests from researchers wishing to join their group. The request email will have specific instructions on how to approve the request. In case you are interested in the process, we have pasted instructions below. If you would prefer to delegate these notifications/approvals to a financial manager or other member of your lab, please email with your financial manager’s name & email.

  1. PI Instructions:
    1. Click here to log in:
    2. Once logged in, look for the link in the left hand menu that says 'my labs'. Hover-over and select your lab.
    3. Set the auto-approval amount if you do not wish to approve service requests below a certain dollar amount. To do this, select the 'Members' panel and enter a dollar amount in the 'Auto Pre-Approval' amount and click 'save settings.’
    4. To approve lab membership requests, select the ‘Membership Requests’ tab. New membership requests will show at the top of this page. Click "Approve" to accept a member into your lab. Click "Reject" if they are not a member of your lab.
  2. To Register for an Account:
    1. Complete the registration form on the sign-up page.
    2. You will receive a Welcome Email from iLab (typically within one business day) with login credentials.
    3. Follow the instruction to complete you registration.
  3. Getting Started with iLab:
    1. Click here to reset your iLab password. Please use the email address from this email you have received as your username login.
    2. Login here using your iLab username and password. (IMPORTANT: on Initial login, set your account time zone, click "update" then log out once to set the change.
    3. Once on StemCore’s page, click the ‘about our core’ tab to learn more about the available services.
  4. To Create an Equipment Reservation:
    1. Navigate to StemCore’s page:
    2. On the upper right hand of the page click Login.
    3. Enter your email and password, and sign in.
    4. Select the Facility Instruments tab and click on the ‘View Schedule’ button next to the instrument of interest. Click and drag on the time frame you would like to schedule your reservation for.
    5. Note: depending on the instrument availability and your previous experience you may only have access to some of the instruments.
    6. A window will pop up that will allow you to verify your reservation details and provide payment information before saving the reservation.
  5. To Create a Service Request:
    1. Navigate to StemCore’s page:
    2. On the upper right hand of the page click Login.
    3. Enter your email and password, and sign in.
    4. Select the Request Services tab and click on the ‘Request Service’ button next to the service of interest.
    5. You will be asked to complete a form before submitting the request to StemCore.
    6. Acceptance of your request will pend review by the lab. StemCore will review your request and either agree to the work or may ask for more information if required.
Additional Help

If you experience any problems when registering or using the iLab site detailed instruction are available at the iLab HelpSite. For any question not addressed at the HelpSite, click on the "Help" link in the upper right-hand corner or contact

We look forward to making this transition as seamless as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact a StemCore lab member directly to discuss.

Funding for StemCore Laboratories has been provided by:
Government of Ontario, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa, Genome Canada, The Ontario Genomics Institute, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Stem Cell Network, Stantive Solutions