Our Research

AIMS ontinues to conduct high-quality research to a) identify an accurate frailty assessment tool, b) describe the barriers and facilitators to routine preoperative frailty assessment and c) develop and implement interventions to prepare older adults going for major elective surgery.

Currently, we are testing whether home-based exercise prehabilitation is effective for improving postoperative disability and complications after surgery. Our team completed a pilot study that demonstrated feasibility and provided qualitative data that supports the home-based nature of the intervention. One participant has shared her experience and you can learn more here:

We are now conducting a multi-center randomized controlled trial across Canada called the PREPARE Trial. We will recruit 750 older adults across the country who are preparing for a major elective surgery.

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A Phase IV trial of a hospital policy of Tranexamic acid to reduce transfusion in major non-cardiac surgery (TRACTION)

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