High Content Imaging Core

The ArrayScan is a high content imaging instrument that offers a wide set of functions for the high and medium throughput study of cell biology in a single modular platform. From the development of high-content assay, through basic cell biology research to systems biology and drug discovery and toxicology, this system has been engineered to deliver robust data with minimal effort and with the fastest “image-to-answer” currently available.

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The high content imaging core is composed of two separate ArrayScan VTI systems, both equipped with an Orbitor RS, capable of processing of up to 100 plates (fully automated). Each system has their own specific modules (live cell chamber, confocal unit, apotome, etc), enabling a wide variety of applications. With a 7-channel LED light engine and the HCS Studio software, the ArrayScan VTI allows the creation of personalized analyses suited for any experimental design.

ArrayScan VTI specs

Illumination 7-channel Solid-State LED Light Engine
Camera Photometrics X1 camera (2208x2208 pixels at 4.54 µm/pixel)
Widefield 7-channel fluorescent imaging
Brightfield White light brightfield imaging
Confocal 6-channel confocal imaging
Objectives Objective turret (range from 2.5-20X)
Focus Thermo Scientific Cellomics AccuFocus technology
Live cell Live-cell imaging chamber (Temperature and CO2 controlled)
Automation Orbitor RS configured for fully automated plate handling and scanning
Software HCS StudioTM software for integrated data collection and analysis

ArrayScan applications

  • Angiogenesis Assay
  • Apoptosis Assay
  • Autophagy Assay
  • CellCycle Assay
  • Cell Health Profile Assay
  • Cell Motility Assay
  • Cell Spreading Assay
  • Cell Toxicity Assay
  • Cell Viability Assay
  • Cholestasis Assay
  • Colony formation Assay
  • Comet Assay
  • Comet Genotoxicity Assay
  • Cytoplasm to Membrane Translocation
  • Cytoskeleton Rearrangement Assay
  • DNA Damage Assay
  • Drug Induced Liver Injury Assay
  • Endocrine Profiling Assay
  • General Localization Measurement Tool
  • General Intensity Measurement Tool
  • General Spot Measurement Tool
  • Histology Tool
  • Invasion Assay
  • Micronucleus Assay
  • Micronucleus Genotoxicity Assay
  • Mitotic index Assay
  • Multiple Target Translocation Assay
  • Myotubule Formation Assay
  • Neurite Detection Assay
  • Neurotoxicity Profiling Assay
  • Proliferation and Cell Death Assay
  • Receptor Internalization Assay
  • Single Target Translocation Assay
  • Synaptogenesis Assay
  • Transfection Efficiency Assay
  • Zebrafish Toxicity Assay

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