Gaetano (Guy) D'Aloisio

Treasurer and Chair, Finance and Audit Committee, Board of Directors

Q: Why do you volunteer on the Board of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute?
A: I volunteer because I want to make a contribution to the city that has been my home for over 40 years. Being a member of the Board gives me the opportunity to continue to support health research which is vital to the improvement of human health worldwide.

Guy D’Aloisio, CPA, CMA and graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the University of Windsor is recently retired. For over 25 years Guy held senior positions related to finance, administration and corporate services in a number of health research funding organizations. These positions included Vice President Finance for Genome Canada, Vice President Services and Operations for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and Director of Finance, Administration and Corporate Services for the Medical Research Council (MRC). Guy was a member of the initial executive team that led CIHR upon its creation in 2000.

Through these leadership positions, Guy gained extensive experience related to the funding and financing of health research at both the federal and provincial levels, as well as an understanding of the administration and funding of academic-based health and bio-medical research in universities, hospitals, and affiliated research institutions across Canada.

Guy can often be found at various arenas playing hockey or on local lakes and rivers fishing from his boat.