Leadership Team

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a voluntary Board of Directors that includes members of the community, The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. The Senior Leadership Team provides scientific and administrative leadership for the Institute.

Board of Directors

Senior Leadership Team

  • Dr. Rebecca Auer (CEO and Scientific Director)
  • Dr. Rashmi Kothary (Deputy Scientific Director, Basic Science)
  • Dr. Dean Fergusson (Deputy Scientific Director, Clinical Research)
  • Debra Lynkowski (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Marisa Akow (Managing Director, Finance and Operations)
  • Dr. Rebecca Auer (Program Director, Cancer Research)
  • Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi (Vice-Chair, Research, Department of Medicine)
  • Jennifer Ganton (Director, Communications and Public Relations)
  • Mike Hendley (Director, Information Systems and Digital Solutions)
  • Dr. Manoj Lalu (Associate Scientific Director, Training)
  • Dr. Gregoire Le Gal (Program Director, Inflammation and Chronic Disease)
    • Dr. Dylan Burger (Associate Program Director, Inflammation and Chronic Disease)
  • Janice Marks (Director, Research Administration and Human Resources)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Perry (Program Director, Acute Care Research)
  • Penny Phillips (Director, Clinical Research Administration)
  • Dr. Justin Presseau (Program Director, Methodological and Implementation Research)
  • Dr. Michael Rudnicki (Program Director, Regenerative Medicine)
  • Dr. Michael Schlossmacher (Program Director, Neuroscience)
  • Dr. Manish Sood (Co-Chair, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council)
  • Tammy Troy (Director, Research Safety and Facilities Operations)
  • Sandy Watson (Director, Corporate Governance & Compliance)