Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

Why train with us?

The Ottawa Hospital is among the top five hospitals in Canada for research funding, with over 2,200 researchers working in five major biomedical and clinical research programs.

Our research spans more than a hundred different diseases, conditions and specialties, with an overall focus on translating discoveries and knowledge into better health.

As a student or postdoctoral fellow at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and the University of Ottawa, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with clinicians, basic scientists and experts in areas such as knowledge translation, clinical trials, data sciences, advanced imaging, and much more.

Find a position

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute offers outstanding training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, summer students, honours students and co-op students in partnership with the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences.

To find a position, search our list of research areas, or view the lists of researchers in our five research programs. Click an area to see the list of researchers, then click a name to see their profile. You’re invited to e-mail our researchers directly to ask whether they are taking on students or postdoctoral fellows.

Graduate students (Masters, PhDs, MD/PhDs)

Most graduate students in the OHRI receive their degrees from one of the graduate programs in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa:

Some graduate students in the OHRI receive their degrees from the Faculty of Health Sciences through the PhD in Population Health program or Master of Science Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, or through the School of Nursing’s Masters of Science in Nursing programs or the PhD in Nursing program.

Details on application procedures, admissions requirements, and the programs of study can be found on the graduate program website.

Graduate students at the OHRI are guaranteed a minimum stipend. Some graduate students with excellent academic records may be eligible for free tuition and other awards. See the admission FAQ page for more information.

Find a supervisor by e-mailing any of the researchers found in our list of research areas or our five research programs.

Postdoctoral fellows

Potential postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to email any of our researchers directly, by searching our list of research areas or our five research programs

Postdoctoral fellow positions are sometimes posted on the OHRI Careers webpage.

Postdoctoral fellows at the OHRI are also registered at the University of Ottawa.

Summer students

We have a fantastic program for students who want to work and get experience in research over the summer break. In addition to working with your research team, you’ll get more out of your summer through our weekly summer student seminar series.

Here you’ll meet summer students from different groups, learn skills to help you present your research, and get the opportunity to present your hard work. Prizes are awarded at the end of the year for the best presentations. Email any of our researchers directly about a summer position, by searching our list of research areas or our five research programs

Honours students

University of Ottawa undergraduate students looking for an Honours Project supervisor can e-mail any of our researchers directly by searching our list of research areas. Your Honours Program will have information about requirements and application procedures.

You can also check out the Translational & Molecular Medicine Bachelors of Science Program for undergraduate students.

Training at OHRI

OHRI provides international-level seminars, conferences, prizes, and opportunities for science outreach, mentorship and social activities.

State-of-the art core resources at OHRI and the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine help fuel research in areas like molecular biology, cell and virus manufacturing, and clinical trials and epidemiological studies.

Meet some of our current and former students and postdoctoral fellows to find out what it’s like to train with us.

Why Ottawa?

Canada’s capital offers the big-city buzz of action and opportunity but remains manageable, walkable and close to nature.

Ottawa is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Canada, and consistently ranks among the world's top 20 cities to live in. It’s also home to North America’s second highest concentration of scientists and engineers.

Learn more about what Ottawa has to offer.