Micro CT Core Facility

Welcome to the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s Micro CT Core Facility

Micro CT Home ImageNondestructive visualization of virtual slices through objects

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s Micro CT Core Facility uses the Bruker Skyscan 1272 to produce extremely high resolution X-ray images.

The system can nondestructively visualize up to 209 Megapixel virtual slices through objects. More than 2600 slices can be reconstructed after a single scan using new16Mp and 11Mp X-ray detectors in up to three offset positions. Due to phase-contrast enhancement, object details as small as 0.35um can be detected.

In order to use the Facility you will need to follow these three below:

  1. Book Training time by contacting Shumei Zhong.

  2. Provide a cost center from The Ottawa Hospital or the University of Ottawa for ongoing charges.

  3. Use our online calendar to book your acquisition and analysis time ( details and access information will be provided at the time of training).

Please note: our system is for ex vivo work only and the maximum sample size is 75mm diameter x 70mm length