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The Board of Governors of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and the Board of Directors of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), the "Governors/Directors" delegate to the Ottawa Health Science Network Research Ethics Board (OHSN-REB) responsibility for the review and ethics oversight of all research involving human subjects/participants at TOH and the UOHI. This delegation may extend to other institutions by way of jurisdictional agreements, such as for applications submitted by members of the University of Ottawa or under the aegis of Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO).

The Governors/Directors through this policy establish a governance structure to provide the OHSN-REB with the mandate, autonomy, jurisdiction and authority to provide research ethics oversight of investigations conducted under its auspices and take reasonable measures to ensure that the roles and responsibilities of the OHSN-REB are defined, resources are made available and processes are in place to ensure compliance with relevant guidelines, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. The Governors/Directors in collaboration with TOH Vice President Research and UOHI Scientific Director shall identify the Chair of the OHSN-REB who shall also chair the OHSN-REB Operations Committee. Formal procedures shall be in place for the selection, appointment, performance evaluations and terms of the OHSN-REB Chair, and Vice-Chairs.

OHSN-REB Operations Committee will be the administrative mechanism for the OHSN-REB, within the authorities established by its terms of reference. This committee guides the mandate, operations and jurisdiction of the OHSN-REB through the authority of the written governance policy, approved by the Board of Governors of the Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and the Board of Directors of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI). It is responsible for oversight and policy relating to research involving human subjects in the institutions covered. The OHSN-REB Operations committee will be chaired by the OHSN-REB Chair. Members will advise and guide the OHSN-REB Chair and Vice-Chairs to ensure compliance with relevant guidelines and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

TOH and UOHI will rely on the service of the OHSN-REB to ensure scholarly review by ensuring compliance to the Scientific Review policies and scholarly standards of research proposals submitted to it and conducted within or by members of the professional staff of TOH, the OHRI, the UOHI, the OHIRC and the UO. All research involving human participants requires REB review and approval before the research can begin.

The purpose of the OHSN-REB is to determine the ethical acceptability of all research involving human subjects at TOH and UOHI or by the investigators/personnel and may assume responsibility for the review of applications from members of the UO by way of an agreement from the University of Ottawa. Scientific and scholarly assessment may be provided by the OHSN-REB, or if there is insufficient expertise, by experts not involved in the study either within the Institutions, the Faculty or elsewhere. The OHSN-REB may meet at any of the three TOH campuses, the UOHI, or at locations external to the involved institutions, at the call of the Chair and/or Vice-Chair(s) as deemed suitable to facilitate the work of the OHSN-REB. Meetings may be held via teleconferencing during publically declared emergencies.

OHRI will provide staff and resources to support the administrative tasks of OHSN-REB functions.

To view the OHSN-REB Governance Policy in its entirety please refer to the following link: OHSN-REB Governance Policy

To view the OHSN-REB Operations Committee Terms of Reference Policy in its entirety please refer to the following link: ToR OHSN-REB Operations Committee