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Meeting and Huddle Dates

Full Board Meeting Schedule for 2024:
Archived Meeting Schedules
Huddle Meeting Schedule for 2023:

To help facilitate a timely REB review and improve submission to approval turnaround times, the REB Office is now promoting bi-weekly remote MS Team huddles . Please see the schedule below for dates and times and who can request a huddle. Alternative arrangements can be made should these dates/ times not work for the investigator or study team!

Who can request a huddle?
  • Investigators and study teams

    For example:

    • Prior to REB submission (strongly recommended for complex studies)
    • After receipt of preliminary concerns or review letter
  • REB Office

    For example:

    • Prior to review of the application should the application be incomplete
    • After review of the application should clarification be required
  • Contracts Office, Facilitators, and/or Privacy Office

    For example:

    • To confirm a study is considered a Phase IV (regulated, but no CTA required
    • To determine if a contract/agreement is required

Note, collaborative huddles involving all applicable parties (study team, REB, Contracts, Facilitators, Privacy Office and/or IT) are encouraged.

How can a huddle be arranged?

Huddle requests should be sent to REBAdministration@ohri.ca

Requests should include the following:

  • CRRF ID and / or protocol number, study name and acronym
  • Names and emails of personnel to be invited to the huddle
  • Summary for the huddle request
  • List of dates and times available (see REB schedule for remote MS Team huddles)
  • Anticipated duration of huddle (e.g., 30, 60 or 90 minutes)
How will huddle meetings benefit you?
  • Provides better communication between the REB Office, Investigator, Research Teams, and Research Administration.
  • Demonstrates commitment by the REB Office, Investigator and study team from time of submission to study approval.
  • Improves facilitation and enables learning and growth.
  • Reduces turnaround times to approval and reduces back and forth email dialog between investigators, applicants and REB office promoting better time management.