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Brian Hutton, MSc, PhD
613-737-8899 ext 73842

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Research Activities

Dr. Hutton's current research interests include systematic reviews and meta-analyses, network meta-analyses, clinical oncology, mental health, addiction medicine and real-world data. He currently devotes  time leading a broad range of systematic reviews in the fields of oncology, addiction medicine and other fields. He also contributes time to systematic reviews and other research projects with members of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Center (within the REaCT pragmatic trials program) as well as the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (ROMHC; focused upon the use of cannabis, alcohol and methamphetamines, including both knowledge synthesis work and administrative database projects). He is a Senior Scientist within the OHRI, as well as Associate Professor with the University of Ottawa and an Adjunct Scientist with the ROMHC. He directed the Knowledge Synthesis Group from 2015-2022, a multi-disciplinary team of 15 individuals who performed an assortment of knowledge syntheses for national and international groups.