Crawley Lab

Research Activities

Anti-viral CD8+ T-cell responses are critical for the eradication of acute viral infections and the control of chronic viral infections. However, in chronic viral infections, their functions is impaired. Moreover, we have found generalized or bulk CD8+ T-cell dysfunction in chronic Hepatitis C infection, which may bear consequences for overall health status beyond that directly caused by HCV.

Strong partnerships with clinician-scientists help us access clinical samples from HCV mono- and HIV-CV co-infected individuals. Specifically, Dr. Curtis Cooper (Director of the Ottawa Hospital and Regional Hepatitis Program, Ottawa Hospital) is a primary collaborator for our research program.

In addition, international collaborations are ongoing for the study of cytokine receptor expression in an animal model of HIV infection (i.e. simian immunodeficiency virus infection of rhesus macaques) as well as immunogenotyping in HCV infection.

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