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Contact Information

Guy Trudel, MD
613-737-8899 ext. 75591

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Research Activities

N. Caplan, M. Gruber, H. Degens, V. Abeln, G. Armbrecht, P-F. Migeotte, E. Bershad,, R. Seidler, S. Smith, A. Stahn.  G. Trudel. Joint ESA/NASA Bedrest study using Artificial Gravity as a countermeasure (AGBRESA). 2017. Co-investigator.  

G. Trudel, I. Cameron, A. Sheikh, O. Laneuville, P. Sebastiani, A. Stintzi. Bone marrow changes with long duration bedrest: Impact on target organ and personalized rehabilitation medicine. Canadian Space Agency, 2016-2019. 

G. Trudel and 15 other selected principal investigators. Life Science Research Using the Human Spaceflight Analogue “Cocktail Bed Rest study” (AO-13-BR). European Space Agency. 2016-2019. 

G. Trudel,  I. Cameron, O. Laneuville, P. Sebastiani, T. Ramsay, A. Stintzi, A. Sheikh. MARROW (Marrow Adipose Reaction: Red or White?)  Operations Phase. International Life Science Research Announcement (ILSRA) 2009 for Life Science Research on the International Space Station.  Canadian Space Agency, 2015-2021.