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Hsiao-Huei Chen, PhD

What We Do

My laboratory is working to identify common molecular links between metabolic disorders (diabetes and atherosclerosis), stroke and anxiety in order to develop common therapies to restore healthy brain function. In addition, patients with Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and autism often display metabolic syndrome. Signalling pathways affected in metabolic syndrome may be therapeutic targets to ameliorate these disorders.

The techniques used in the laboratory include molecular biology, cell culture, optogenetics, in vitro (brain slice) and in vivo electrophysiological recording and pharmacological studies and animal behavioural tests. The animal models used include several cell-type specific transgenic or knockout mice, middle cerebral artery occlusion and photothrombosis for stroke studies, bone marrow transplantation for atherosclerosis.

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Press Release: A novel therapy for anxiety disorders: a drug to treat anxiety, obesity and Type 2 diabetes (EurekAlert (by AAAS)Neuron, Chemical & Engineering (ACS), News) 

(Figure modified from Qin et al, Neuron, 2015 abstract video)