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We strongly encourage energetic, inquisitive, enthusiastic, passionate students and fellows to apply to our lab! It could either be a short-term lab experience (co-op, summer students), a two-year inspiring research experience (master students), as well as a longer and exciting adventure (Ph.D. students, post-docs). 

Current Members

current member
Dr. Xavier Toussay
Research Associate

current member
Dr. Moises Freitas-Andrade
Post-doctoral Research Fellow

current member
Julie Ouellette
Graduate student (PhD candidate)
current member
Joanna Raman-Nair
Graduate student (MSc candidate)
current member
Caitlin Menzies
Graduate student (MSc candidate)
current member
Sofia Zelko
Undergraduate student, Honors
current member
Bassam Thermos
Undergraduate student, UROP

Past lab members

Winnie Nie (Research Assistant)  
Michelle Murphy (Undergraduate student)  
Carlie Boisvert (Undergraduate student, UROP/Honors/NSERC)
Kaitlyn Brethour (Undergraduate student, volunteer)  
Matthew MacDonald (Post-doctoral Research Fellow)
Peter Van Dyken (Undergraduate student, UROP/Honors/NSERC) 
Dalia Ibrahim (Undergraduate student, volunteer) 
Éloïse Deschênes (Undergraduate student, volunteer)
Claire Simada (Undergraduate student, volunteer)
Ryan Daniel (Undergraduate student, UROP/Honors)
Alyson Jiang (Undergraduate student, volunteer)
Cameron Morse (Research Assistant)
Valeria Koveza (Undergraduate student, volunteer)
Ilian Vargas (Undergraduate student, volunteer)