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Selected Publications

Livingston J.M., McDonald M.W., Gagnon T., Jeffers M.S., Gomez-Smith M., Antonescu S., Cron G.O., Boisvert C., Lacoste B., and Corbett D. (2020) Influence of Metabolic Syndrome on Cerebral Perfusion and Cognition. Neurobiol Dis. 137:104756.

Toussay X., Tiberi M., and Lacoste B. (2019) Laser doppler flowmetry to study the regulation of cerebral blood flow by G protein-coupled receptors in rodents. Methods Mol Biol. 1947:377-387.

Van Dyken P. and Lacoste B. (2018) Impact of metabolic syndrome on neuroinflammation and the blood–brain barrier. Front Neurosci. 12:930.

Sadeghian H., Lacoste B., Qin T., Toussay X., Rosa R., Chung D.Y., Oka F, Takizawa T., Gu C., and Ayata C. (2018). Spreading depolarizations trigger caveolin-1-dependent endothelial transcytosis. Annals of Neurology, 84(3):409-423.

All Other Publications

Tian W., Alsaadi R., Guo Z., Kalinina A., Carrier M., Tremblay M-E., Lacoste B., Lagace D., and Russell R.C. (2020) An Antibody for Analysis of Autophagy Induction. Nat Methods. 17 (2):232-239

Boisvert N.C., Holterman C.E., Thibodeau J.F., Nasrallah R., Kamto E., Comin C.H., da F. Costa L., Carter A., Hébert R.L., Gutsol A., Cron G.O., Lacoste B., Gray DA., and Kennedy C.R. (2018) Hyperfiltration in Ubiquitin C Terminal Hydrolase L1-Deleted Mice. Clinical Science, 132(13):1453-1470.

Gouveia A.,  Seegobin M.,  Kannangara T.S.,  He L., Wondisford F.,  Comin C.H.,  Costa L.DaF, Béïque J.C.,  Lagace D.C.,  Lacoste B.,  and Wang J. (2017) The  aPKC-CBP  Pathway  Regulates Post-stroke  Neurovascular  Remodeling and Functional Recovery. Stem Cell Reports, 9(6):1735-1744. 

Andreone B.J., Chow B., Tata A., Lacoste B., Ben-Zvi A., Bullock K., Deik A.A., Ginty D.D., Clish C.B., and Gu C. (2017) Blood-Brain barrier permeability is regulated by lipid transport-dependent suppression of caveolae-mediated transcytosis.  Neuron, 94(3):581-594.

Bisht K., Sharma K., Lacoste B., Tremblay M-E. (2016). Dark microglia: why are they dark?. Communicative & Integrative Biology, 9(6):e1230575.

Almasi S., Xu X., Ben-Zvi A., Lacoste B., Gu C., Miller E. (2016). Joint volumetric extraction and enhancement of vasculature from low-SNR 3-D fluorescence microscopy images. Pattern Recognition, 63:710-18. 

Lacoste B., Angeloni D., Dominguez-Lopez S., Calderoni S., Mauro A., Fraschini F., Descarries L., and Gobbi G. (2015) Anatomical and cellular localization of melatonin MT1 and MT2 receptors in the adult rat brain. J Pineal Res, 58(4):397-417.  

Lacoste B. and Gu C. (2015) Control of cerebrovascular patterning by neural activity during postnatal development. Mech Dev, 138 Pt 1:43-9. 

Almasi S., Xu  X., Ben-Zvi A., Lacoste B., Gu C., and Miller  E.L. (2015) A novel method for identifying a graph-based representation of 3-D microvascular networks from fluorescence microscopy image stacks. Med Image Anal, 20(1):208-23.  

Lopez-Canul M., Palazzo E., Dominguez-Lopez S., Luongo L., Lacoste B., Comai S., Bocella S., Angeloni D., Fraschini F., Spadoni G., Bedini A., Tarzia G., Maione S., Granado-Sotos V., and Gobbi G. (2015) Selective Melatonin MT2 receptor agonists relieve neuropathic pain through modulation of brainstem descending antinociceptive pathways. Pain, 156(2):305-17.  

Andreone B., Lacoste B., and Gu C. (2015) Neuronal and vascular interactions. Annu Rev Neurosci, 8(38):25-46.  

Ben-Zvi A., Lacoste B., Kur E., Andreone B.J., Yan H., and Gu C. (2014) Mfsd2a is critical for the formation and function of the blood brain barrier. Nature, 509(7501):507-11.

Gelfand M., Hagan N.A., Tata A., Oh W.J., Lacoste B., Kang K., Kopycinska J., Bischoff J., Wang J., and Gu C. (2014) Neuropilin-1 functions as a VEGFR2 co-receptor to guide developmental angiogenesis independent of ligand binding. eLife, 3:e03720.  

Lacoste B., Comin C.H., Ben-Zvi A., Kaeser P.S., Xu X., da F. Costa L., and Gu C. (2014) Sensory-related neural activity regulates the structure of vascular networks in the cerebral cortex. Neuron, 83(5):1117-130.

Gupta A., Lacoste B., Pistel P.J., Ingram D.K., Hamel E., Alaoui-Jamali M.A., Szarek W.A., Vlahakis J.Z., Jie S., Song W., and Schipper H.M. (2014) Neurotherapeutic effects of novel HO-1 inhibitors in vitro and in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. J Neurochem, 131(6):778-90.  

Lacoste B., Tong X-K., Lahjouji K., Couture R., and Hamel E. (2013) Cognitive and cerebrovascular improvements following kinin B1 receptor blockade in Alzheimer’s disease mice. J Neuroinflamm, 10(1):57.  

Toussay X., Basu K., Lacoste B., and Hamel E. (2013) Locus coeruleus stimulation recruits a broad cortical neuronal network and increases cortical perfusion. J Neurosci, 33(8):3390-401.  

Bambico F.R., Lacoste B., Hattant P.R., and Gobbi G. (2013) Father absence in the monogamous California mouse impairs social behavior and modifies dopamine and glutamate synapses in the medial prefrontal cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 25(5):1163-75.

Ochoa-Sanchez R., Comai S., Lacoste B., Bambico F.R., Dominguez-Lopez S., Spadoni G., Rivara S., Bedini A., Angeloni D., Fraschini F., Mor M., Tarzia G., Descarries L., and Gobbi G. (2011) Promotion of non-rapid eye movement sleep and activation of reticular thalamic neurons by a novel MT2 melatonin receptor ligand. J Neurosci, 31(50):18439-52.

Lacoste B., Riad M., Ratté M.O., Boye S.M., Lévesque D., and Descarries L. (2009) Trafficking of neurokinin-1 receptors in serotonin neurons is controlled by substance P within the rat dorsal raphe nucleus. Eur J Neurosci, 29(12):2303-14.

Mechawar N.*, Lacoste B.*, Yu W., Srivastava L.K., and Quirion R. (2007) Developmental profile of neuregulin receptor ErbB4 in postnatal rat cerebral cortex and hippocampus. Neuroscience, 148(1):126-39.

Lacoste B., Riad M., and Descarries L. (2006) Immunocytochemical evidence for the existence of substance P receptor (NK1) in serotonin neurons of rat and mouse dorsal raphe nucleus. Eur J Neurosci, 23(11):2947-58.

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