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Contact Information

Michael Woo, MD, CCFP(EM), RDMS
613-798-5555 ext.18506

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Michael Woo

Clinician Investigator, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Ottawa
Director, Emergency Medicine Ultrasonogranphy
Department of Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Program Director, Emergency Medicine Ultrasonogranphy
Department of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Physician and Trauma Team Leader, Department of Emergency Medicine
Ottawa Hospital

Research Interests

Point-of-care Ultrasonography (POCUS)
Quality Assurance

Brief Biography

Dr. Michael Woo obtained his medical degree from Queen’s University in 1998. He completed his family medicine and emergency medicine residency at the University of Ottawa in 2001. After working and traveling around the world he obtained his American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography certification in 2008. Dr. Woo is an Emergency Physician and Trauma Team Leader at the Ottawa Hospital. He is an Associate Professor with the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa and is the Director of Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography (EMUS). He is also the Fellowship Program Director for POCUS-EM. Dr. Woo has combined his passion for education with clinical sonography and has developed novel continuing education tools combining simulation and internet based technology. He has organized and taught numerous clinical sonography courses across Canada and around the world to a variety of specialists and health care professionals.

Selected Publications

Stansfield E, Woo MY, Tam R, Pugh D, McInnes M, Hamstra S. Designing a multi-disciplinary undergraduate medical school ultrasonography curriculum. University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine. 2014:4(1): 49-54.

Fischer L, Woo MY, Wiss R, Socransky S, Lee AC, Frank JR. Emergency Medicine Point-of-Care Ultrasonography: Which Competencies for Experts versus General EM practice? A National Needs Assessment Study. Can J Emerg Med. 2014: 16(0):1-15. DOI 10.2310/8000.2013.131205

Woo MY, Taylor M, Atkinson P, Loubani O, Bowra J,. My patient's got abdominal pain: identifying biliary problems. Ultrasound. 2014. Published online 4 Aug 2014. DOI: 10.1177/1742271X14546181

Woo MY. Psoas abscess. J. Emerg Med. 2014. Accepted In press.

Woo MY, Frank JR, Lee AC. Point-of-Care Ultrasonography Adoption in Canada: Using Diffusion Theory and an Evaluation Tool for Ultrasound Skills Development and Education (ETUDE). Can J Emerg Med. 2013; 15(0):1-7. DOI 10.2310/8000.2013.131243

Alrajhi K, Woo MY, Vaillancourt C. Test Characteristics of Ultrasonography for the Detection of Pneumothorax: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Chest 2012;141;703-708.