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Robert FAHED, MD MSc

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Life-altering stroke treatment and care from a “gym rat”
January 26, 2023 - Meet Dr. Robert Fahed, one of only four interventional neurologists in Canada
Getting the clot out on first try improves outcomes for basilar artery stroke patients
January 21, 2022 - Pulling a clot out of the brain on the first try significantly improves outcomes for patients with basilar artery stroke, according to a study published in Stroke led by Dr. Robert Fahed. This rare kind stroke can cause death or severe disability ...
New scientist profile: Dr. Robert Fahed wants more people to benefit from life-saving stroke therapy
May 27, 2020 - Dr. Robert Fahed saves lives by pulling blood clots out of the brains of stroke patients. This minimally invasive procedure called thrombectomy has revolutionized stroke care, and Dr. Fahed wants as many patients as possible to benefit. However, ...