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Robert FAHED, MD MSc

Orma Lester
Clinical Admin Assistant
613-798-5555 ext.16234

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Research Activities

Dr. Fahed’s clinical research achievements are as follows:

Dr. Fahed saves lives by pulling blood clots out of the brains of stroke patients. This minimally invasive procedure called Thrombectomy has revolutionized stroke care, and Dr. Fahed wants as many patients as possible to benefit. However, he’s concerned that some of the algorithms used to determine which people are eligible may be missing some patients. Dr. Fahed is testing these algorithms to make sure they give the same answers when assessed by different physicians, or on two different imaging machines. “Thrombectomy saves lives and reduces disability in patients with stroke. I’d like to see as many patients benefit from it as possible," he said. Dr. Fahed is also interested in other cerebrovascular diseases such as brain aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations, as well as acute stroke imaging.

Dr. Fahed was recently appointed as an Associate Scientist in the Neuroscience Program at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He is an interventional Neuroradiologist and Stroke Neurologist at The Ottawa Hospital, and Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa.

ONGOING CLINICAL TRIALS & STUDIES that Dr. Fahed is involved with:

ESCAPE NEXT: a randomized controlled trial studying a new neuroprotective drug for thrombectomy patients (site PI)

ENDOLOW: a randomized controlled trial studying the benefits of thrombectomy in patients with a large vessel occlusion and mild symptoms (site PI)

VANISH: evaluation of a new aspiration catheter for stroke thrombectomy (co-PI)

EASI-TOC: a randomized controlled trial comparing conservative approach and acute stenting for the management of cervical carotid lesions in tandem occlusions requiring thrombectomy (site PI)

CASES: a study about the factors that impact the assessment of stroke burden in acute ischemic strokes with a large vessel occlusion (PI)

NAMASTE: a study about the reliability and accuracy of various assessment methods for computed tomography perfusion scans in stroke patients (PI)