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Contact Information

Michael Schlossmacher, MD, DABPN, FRCPC

Administrative Assistant:
Nancy MacDonald

For those interested in a position in the laboratory, please contact:
Dr. Julianna Tomlinson

What We Do

Since 2000, I have pursued work as a physician-scientist focusing on Parkinson disease (PD), Lewy body dementia (DLB) and multiple system atrophy (MSA). Since opening my new laboratory at the OHRI in 2007, my team has focused on: (i) better modeling the pathogenesis of PD and DLB in mice; (ii) understanding the functions of 4 disease-linked genes (SNCA; GBA; LRRK2; Parkin); (iii) creating new tools, including animal models, platforms and antibodies; and (iv) exploring biological markers of PD, DLB and MSA.

Selected Publications

Tokarew, Jacqueline M., et al. "Age-associated insolubility of parkin in human midbrain is linked to redox balance and sequestration of reactive dopamine metabolites." Acta neuropathologica 141.5. 2021; 725-754.

Oliveira, Luis, et al. "Alpha-synuclein research: defining strategic moves in the battle against Parkinson’s disease." npj Parkinson's Disease 7.1. 2021; 1-23.

Sircar, Esha, et al. "Neurodegeneration: Impact of S-nitrosylated Parkin, DJ-1 and PINK1 on the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease." Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 704. 2021; 108869.

Sanyal, Anwesha, et al. "Lysosome and inflammatory defects in GBA1-mutant astrocytes are normalized by LRRK2 inhibition." Movement Disorders 35.5 2020; 760-773.

Shutinoski B, et al. Lrrk2 alleles modulate inflammation during microbial infection of mice in a sex-dependent manner. Sci Transl Med. 2019 Sep 25;11(511). pii: eaas9292. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aas9292.

Tomlinson JJ et al. Holocranohistochemistry enables the visualization of α-synuclein expression in the murine olfactory system and discovery of its systemic anti-microbial effects. J Neural Transm 2017; 124(6): 721-738

Schlossmacher MG et al. Modelling idiopathic Parkinson disease as a complex illness can inform incidence rate in healthy adults : the PREDIGT score. Eur J Neuroci. 2017; 45(1) :175-191

Cullen V* et al. Acid beta-glucosidase mutations linked to Gaucher disease, Parkinson's and Lewy body dementia dysregulate alpha-synuclein in vivo. Ann Neurol 2011;69:940-53 
*This paper was awarded the editor's ‘Annals of Neurology Prize' in 2012 

Hakimi M et al. Parkinson's-linked LRRK2 is expressed in immune cells and upregulated after the recognition of microbial structures. J Neural Transm 2011;118:795-808  

Mollenhauer B* et al. Cerebrospinal fluid values of alpha-synuclein and tau in patients presenting with parkinsonism. Lancet Neurol 2011;10:230-40 and Lancet Neurol 2011;10:681-3;
*See also the opinion piece published in: Lancet Neurol 2011;10(3):203-5

Meet the Schlossmacher Lab

The Schlossmacher team unites a group of trainees, research staff and collaborators from diverse scientific interests and backgrounds - including neuroscience, biochemistry, immunology, virology, animal studies and pathology. This reflects our different approaches to studying and modelling Parkinson disease variants and related dementias.

Potential trainees, please send inquiries to: or