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Michael Schlossmacher, MD, DABPN, FRCPC

Administrative Assistant:
Nancy MacDonald

For those interested in a position in the laboratory, please contact:
Dr. Julianna Tomlinson


Take a peek inside the brain with prize-winning artwork inspired by research at The Ottawa Hospital
July 6, 2023 - Patients, visitors and staff at TOH’s General Campus can now experience what it might be like to float through the human brain, thanks to a unique collaboration between local artist Svetlana Swinimer and neuroscientist Dr. Michael Schlossmacher.
Discovery reveals how Parkinson’s-linked gene protects the brain
April 5, 2023 - For more than 20 years, researchers have known that young-onset Parkinson’s disease is often caused by mutations in the parkin gene, but the exact function of this gene has been hotly debated.
Predicting Parkinson’s: mathematical model could help with earlier diagnosis and treatment
September 23, 2022 - An innovative mathematical model developed by researchers at The Ottawa Hospital could one day help with the prevention and early treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
The Ottawa Hospital’s push to demystify Parkinson’s disease
April 29, 2022 - Parkinson’s is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s, affecting at least 100,000 Canadians. Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are on the global stage seeking answers for patients desperately waiting for a breakthrough.
Meet Dr. Michael Schlossmacher
April 29, 2022 - Growing up in Austria, Dr. Michael Schlossmacher couldn’t have foreseen his future as a physician-scientist conducting groundbreaking Parkinson’s research at The Ottawa Hospital.
Does Parkinson’s start in the nose? International team awarded US$9 million ASAP grant to find out
October 26, 2021 - More than 80 percent of people with Parkinson’s disease suffer from a reduced sense of smell, something that often occurs years before the onset of typical movement-related symptoms. Now, thanks to a US$9 million grant from the Aligning Science ...
Experts on call: Parkinson’s care and research
April 22, 2021 - Topics of discussion will include recently approved Parkinson’s drugs, Duodopa pump treatment and progress in understanding early-onset Parkinson’s.
Parkinson’s discovery points to possible future treatment approaches
April 6, 2021 - More than 20 years after the discovery of the parkin gene linked to young-onset Parkinson’s disease, researchers at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa may have finally figured out how this mysterious gene protects the brain.
Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded 17 CIHR grants worth $7.5 million
March 10, 2021 - Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are playing a lead role in 17 new projects funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).
Decoding the mystery of Parkinson’s disease
July 10, 2020 - For more than 200 years, no one has been able to solve the Parkinson puzzle. While the exact cause of the disease remains a mystery, dedicated researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are gaining ground—determined to solve the puzzle.
New Frontiers in Research Fund supports trailblazing research on autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
June 3, 2020 - Researchers from The Ottawa Hospital are involved in four new projects funded through the Exploration stream of Canada’s New Frontiers in Research Fund. The fund is designed to support high-risk, high-reward and interdisciplinary research.
Unravelling the mystery of how one gene contributes to Parkinson’s, Crohn’s and leprosy
September 25, 2019 - Researchers have struggled for years to understand how mutations in one gene, called LRRK2, can increase the risk of three very different diseases: Parkinson’s (a brain disease), Crohn’s (a gut disease) and leprosy (a peripheral nervous system ...
Researchers honoured for outstanding work in Parkinson’s, critical care and surgery
April 11, 2019 - A number of outstanding researchers and research teams were recognized at The Ottawa Hospital’s Excellence Awards Ceremony on April 11. They include the Parkinson Research Consortium, the Operating Room Black Box® Research Program and ICU ...
Brain Health Awareness Week: October 15-19
October 10, 2018 - Researchers, clinicians, patients and members of the general public are invited to take part in Brain Health Awareness Week from October 5-19, hosted by the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute, in collaboration with The Ottawa ...
Award-winning scientist challenges medical dogma in quest to prevent, treat neurodegenerative disease
October 25, 2017 - Dr. Michael Schlossmacher grew up in Austria, trained at Harvard and now leads The Ottawa Hospital’s neuroscience research program. His research helped establish a key concept in Alzheimer’s disease and led to a clinical trial of an experimental ther
Parkinson’s-related protein also protects against infections
June 14, 2017 - Scientists have known for more than a century that Parkinson’s disease is associated with strange clumps of protein in the brain. Twenty years ago, researchers found that these clumps are mainly made of a protein called alpha-synuclein, but the nor
Grant helps researchers better study important young-onset Parkinson’s protein
January 25, 2017 - Dr. Michael Schlossmacher and BioLegend Inc.’s Dr. Peggy Taylor were awarded $200,000 USD by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to create research tools that can identify various forms of a specific brain protein that is ...
Weston grants to accelerate development of new therapies for Parkinson disease and related dementias
November 26, 2014 - Drs. Michael Schlossmacher and Julianna Tomlinson and their colleagues have been awarded $300,000 from the Weston Brain Institute for two research projects aimed at developing new therapies for Parkinson disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. These p